5 Worst Tim Hortons Locations in Brampton

Published January 16, 2017 at 10:42 pm

Everything always seems pretty standard at any Tim’s location; you walk in, maybe tackle a long line (but it always moves fast), order and go about your day. The coffee is decent, but you’re not looking for a superb coffee house experience–you just need a quick caffeine fix. Tim’s is Tim’s is Tim’s, when you really think about it. But there are a few that prove to be less convenient and pleasant on more of a consistent basis than some other locations.

Here is a list of some Tim Hortons locations you might want to think twice about before visiting:

5) McLaughlin and Queen

The biggest vice that this Tim Horton’s brings to the table? Its missing a drive thru. Though many people enjoy this Timmies–seeing as how it is one of the oldest ones in Brampton–you cannot deny that the suburban layout of flowertown requires convenience. The lack of a drive thru always feels inconvenient unless, of course, it’s a Tim Horton’s located in a downtown region where you’re already walking anyways. Another notable negative this Tim Horton’s has is the degree of cleanliness, which could use a little work. Most recently, I visited this location at a later hour when it wasn’t busy and there was still little effort to clean tables. A clean table goes a long way, so hopefully more attention is paid to little details in the future.

4) Kennedy Road and Clarence

The location feels like it’s a victim of the disorganization of the intersection. It isn’t the fault of the establishment, but it just feels easier to dodge this location. In the past, this location has been put in the hot seat for not getting orders right and not having a stocked supply of pastries–which definitely affects the Tim’s experience. Like most Tim Hortons in Brampton, this location is operational for 24 hours of the day, however from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. you can only access the drive-thru. When I asked the employee working at the time of one of my midnight visits why this was, she noted that the area is simply not safe at those hours. The Kennedy and Clarence location was almost set up for an ill-fated encounter, considering its location and structure; unfortunately that cannot be controlled by management, but they can control the products customers have access to. That’s what might boost this location up a few notches.

3) Intermodal and Airport

We all know that you don’t really make personal connections with your Tim Hortons cashier due to the speed of service (where there’s a big line up behind you, you don’t dare spend too much time chatting!). That said, service can seem be a little unsteady here, as some staff members appear rushed and frazzled. My most recent experience at this location I was able to quickly order and receive my coffee but the quality of customer service was not appreciated on my end. Other criticisms of this location fall in line with peak times: when it’s busy, lineups move slowly and a few other customers have complained about lacklustre offerings, including watery soup.

2) Steeles and Chinguacousy

It always feels like something often goes wrong with this Tim Hortons location and its drive thru–mainly for those who are visiting during non-peak hours. It’s important to note that many Tim Hortons are just as popular at odd hours. People can turn to Tim’s for a quick bite before their graveyard shifts and students sometimes need that 24/7 offering of caffeine while finishing assignments. With Chinguacousy and Steeles, these are the customers that sense the most neglect. Late night customers have reported lack of variety in baked goods and pastries and that’s really just the icing on the cake after having been ignored at the intercom. If there was a little more food, the offerings might be worth the occasional wait.

1) McLaughlin and Bovaird

During peak breakfast and lunch hours, this location gets a little hectic due to high volumes of people. Let’s be real though, every Tim Horton’s gets busy so that isn’t the downfall; it’s all about how the staff can effectively work under pressure. Though the staff has proven to be friendly at many different hours here, confusion occurs and orders are sometimes incorrect. Customers deserve attention to detail, and forgetting items that have been paid for or dietary restrictions can make customers reluctant to return. No Tim Hortons can be faulted for being busy, but they can be faulted for not knowing how to handle the atmosphere that is synonymous with Tim Hortons during breakfast and lunch hours.

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