5 Worst Streets in Rush Hour in Mississauga


Rush hour traffic is a dreadful, wretched nightmare in almost every big (or bigger) city in the world and Mississauga is no exception. I sat in traffic on Hurontario at 1:30 today on my way to Whole Foods to get poached salmon sushi and was like, "why? WHY?" The answer: construction.

Construction and run of the mill congestion can make driving in the city frustrating. So, without further adieu, here are my picks for the top five worst roads to traverse during rush hour traffic.

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5) Mavis from the 401 to Burnhamthorpe

I actually use this route fairly frequently and, on a good day, it's not awful. That said, it can be obscenely congested at strange times (like noon on a Sunday) and the bunching in the Heartland area can be formidable. With ongoing construction and occasional lane closures, this route can get messy.

Good alternative: Confederation Pkwy.

4) Derry from Airport to the 410

While traffic on Derry is never light at 5 pm, I've sat in complete gridlock at 8 pm because of one stalled car over a kilometer ahead. Madness. This route, which runs through an industrial area in and around Malton, gets clogged with 4.5 million transport trucks every day around 3 pm and remains nightmarishly congested until well after 6 pm.

Good alternative: If you're prepared to navigate the area's many back and industrial roads, you could save yourself a little time.

3) Eglinton from Tomken to Hurontario

Eglinton is a major route and gets terribly congested during night-time rush hour. If you need to take it, give yourself extra time.

Good alternative: Rathburn 

2) Lakeshore at Stavebank Road

While Lakeshore can get busy during rush hour, this particular intersection has long been a headache for the city's drivers and pedestrians alike. In this intersection, the north and south parts of Stavebank Rd. fail to line up, resulting in mass confusion for everyone. Be mindful when driving or walking here. Look carefully for both cars and pedestrians.

Good alternative: There is none

1) Hurontario from Queensway to Bristol

Hurontario has some open pockets that are ideal for smooth sailing, but they close up between Bristol and Dundas. You might find yourself sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic as early as 1 or 2 pm, so prepare yourself and now with the lane closures between Eglinton and Bristol you might as well stop off at Toys R Us for some Christmas shopping.

Good alternative: Tomken or Confederation.


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