5 ways to renovate your home and improve its resale value in Ontario

Published February 27, 2024 at 9:46 am

Sam McDadi Real Estate shares 5 ways to renovate your home and improve its resale value in Ontario

As we enter the spring real estate market, residents who own property in Ontario can substantially boost its value by following these renovation tips from Sam McDadi Real Estate.

Renovating and improving your home’s appearance can make a huge difference if you’re planning to sell it. First impressions matter, so making sure the property looks good is a great way to impress potential buyers when they come take a look at it.

Based on the Sam McDadi team’s industry insider knowledge, here are five ways to improve a home’s resale value:

1. Invest in landscaping to make the property look more inviting

Landscaping your front yard during the spring – for example, building a well-maintained garden – can make the home look more inviting and attractive to potential buyers. For best results, the garden should be watered daily and cleaned periodically by plucking weeds and getting rid of any pests or debris.

Choosing the right trees to plant in your yard can add value to your home. For suburban gardens, deciduous trees such as Japanese maples, crepe myrtle, and magnolias are highly recommended. Trees such as evergreen ash and citrus trees are also great options for sprucing up a garden.

2. Touch things up with a fresh coat of paint

Applying a new coat of paint is a good way to brighten up any space. Painting a room is often a popular project for both beginner and veteran renovators, and many paint companies have online tools that let you upload a photo of your space and preview different colours on the walls.

While painting the home’s exterior can be more of a challenge, painting just the garage and front door will already make a significant difference in your home’s overall appearance. If the house’s exterior is made of brick and stone, then power washing is the best way to remove dirt and make the exterior look good as new.

3. Check for winter damage on the roof and driveway

While you were staying warm inside your home during the winter, the house’s exterior was taking a beating from the elements and cold weather. Now’s a good time to inspect for any damage that needs to be repaired – for example, repaving the driveway with new asphalt or brick pavers for an improved appearance.

Maintaining the home’s roof and gutter pipes is also important, as both can be damaged from the weight of snow and ice. Roof maintenance can increase its lifespan, prevent water leaks, and keeps the house’s heating and cooling systems working efficiently. You can either hire a professional to do the job, or invest in the right tools for some DIY work.

4. Consider hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular for its clean and visually pleasing appearance, compared to carpet which can hold a lot of dust, dirt and microorganisms, especially after winter. There are a variety of hardwood flooring options to consider, depending on your preferences and budget.

5. Hide what shouldn’t be seen

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of a house’s exterior is to cover up the parts that are less aesthetically pleasing. Consider adding a small fence or decorative box around your air conditioning unit, for example. Things that shouldn’t be covered, like electrical boxes and gas meter equipment, can instead be painted the same colour as the house, or have trees or shrubs planted in front of them so they’re less visible from the street.

Beyond those five tips, there’s a variety of other inexpensive ways to improve your house’s appearance, such as upgrading your mailbox, adding path lights along the walkway, adding window boxes and faux shutters, or even just getting a new doormat. Remember to pay attention to the small details!

Ranked the top brokerage in the GTA since its inception in 2012 (based on dollar volume sold from exclusive sales, builder sales, and sales on the Toronto Real Estate Board), the Sam McDadi Real Estate team knows the many ins and outs of what it takes to sell a home. Their renovation tips are based on over a decade of experience in making homes look good and attracting interested buyers.

More tips are available on Sam McDadi’s website, including landscaping tips and a list of popular home improvements to work on during the spring.

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