5 Unique Public Art Pieces in Mississauga

Published August 18, 2017 at 8:06 pm


Anyone who really pays attention to the city know that it’s not lacking for art. Created by professional artists, the City of Mississauga’s public art collection has grown to nearly 20 permanent pieces since 2010. Best of all? All of the artwork is accessible to the public and free for everyone to enjoy.

While the weather remains still warm and sunny, take some time to see these cool public art pieces in the city.

1) Building Colour

Artist: Panya Clark Espinal
Location: Seven Mississauga Transitway Stations – Central Parkway, Tomken, Dixie, Tahoe, Etobicoke Creek, Spectrum and Orbitor

Building Colour is an artistic component of the Mississauga Transitway project and can be found near the storage rooms in the seven stations. This permanent public artwork uses sculptural components made of cast and fabricated bronze, architectural glass and colour changing LED lighting with touch sensitive triggers for the audience to influence their colour and light patterns. The artwork stages the tools and equipment for glass installation and simulates an unoccupied work site. Next time you see these pieces on your daily commute or on your way out with friends, take a moment to stop and take a look. The touch sensitive artwork is installed at Tahoe and Etobicoke Creek stations.

2) Pine Sanctuary

Location: The Riverwood Conservancy

Pine Sanctuary is located at the entrance of Riverwood Conservancy. The large-scale aluminum sculpture acts as an iconic signal from afar and offers a dynamic experience of space and light from within. It creates a unique identity for Riverwood and was built through a process of computational design and digital fabrication developed by the artist team. This project was funded in part under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program in recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Photo provided by Light MonkeyPhotography

3) Familia

Artist: Stephen Cruise
Location: Harold E. Kennedy Park

If you’re in Port Credit, stop by Harold E. Kennedy Park to see Familia. These stone sculptures are positioned to echo the flow of the Credit River and act as an extension of the children’s play area. The nine elements of the artwork include the following: a shell; tree; fish; fox; rail; boat; tank lion; and hive. The hive represents a central place of collective activity but also references the Saint Lawrence Starch Company. The company had a mill on the site and used a beehive as its visual motif. Take a break on the limestone slabs at the base of the sculptures for a rest before you continue to enjoy the beautiful setting.

4) The Book

Artist: Ilan Sandler
Location: Mississauga Celebration Square

Fittingly located across from the Central Library, The Book is a large-scale painted steel sculpture with two pages torn away from its spine. The Book’s pages appear to blow in the wind, while one of them dances away. Up close the inside is covered in symbols, all of which have evolved from early alphabets. This is the perfect place to take a selfie, especially if you are an avid book lover.

Photo provided by Wil Yeung

5) Contemplating Child

Artist: Ferruccio Sardella
Location: Community Common Park

Walk up the gentle slope of the open lawn at Community Common Park and meet Contemplating Child – a 3,500-pound steel sculpture. The large-scale sculpture depicts a child posed in a reflective state overlooking the park and pays homage to the children and families within the community. Connect with your inner child, take your dog for a run or simply indulge in a good read while seated along the shaded pathways that face the artwork.

Photo provided by Light Monkey Photography

Whether you’ve lived in Mississauga for over 20 years or have just moved into the city, take some time to see these cool public art pieces throughout Mississauga. For more information about the City of Mississauga Public Art Program, click here.

Article and photos courtesy of the City of Mississauga

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