Mississauga’s 5 ugliest buildings

Published November 7, 2016 at 4:46 am


We know, we know–this is a sensitive topic in Mississauga.

To some, buildings that are considered objectively stunning (the Marilyn Monroe Absolute towers, for example) may actually be monstrous eyesores. To others, a rundown building might be considered attractive because of its history or the memories associated with it.

We know that the outside of a building doesn’t necessarily speak to the beautiful stores, offices or suites contained within, but we also know that some buildings don’t do much to improve the look of Mississauga’s skyline or streets.

While the city certainly isn’t alone when it comes to housing dated and archaic buildings that are boxy and imposing rather than sophisticated and sleek, it has a few unique places that, while most likely functional, do little to beautify the landscape.

Here are the top 5 ugliest buildings in Mississauga

Disclaimer: This list is purely devoted to buildings with unattractive exterior features, we are not criticizing the homes, offices or businesses contained within.

5) Dundas Tower

This boxy grey structure is dated and bulky, looking more utilitarian than anything else. We suppose that, in many instances, functionality wins out over beauty and a solid structure is more important than a sexy one (we also know that there was a time when austere concrete facades were all the rage in architecture). This 10-storey low-rise, located at Dundas Street West, is home to offices, shops and a dental office. The two-tone grey colouring is exceedingly drab and the thick faux-turrets at the top do little to give the structure character. All in all, it looks ancient (not vintage) and harkens back to a time of less creative architecture.

4) Hurontario Street

This black and white apartment building is one of many of its kind in Mississauga and the choice for exterior design never gets any less puzzling. The black base, white middle and black top aren’t glossy or modern. They give off the impression that the builder ran out of black bricks and had to improvise. This particular building, managed by Metcap Property Management and owned by Starlight Investments, is actually centrally located and offers rare three-bedroom rentals, so it is a good fit for residents looking for a spacious unit in a walkable neighbourhood. That said, the facade isn’t pretty.

3) Lynwood Lane

This 29-storey apartment building, located on Kirwin Ave, is a ho-hum brown giant that darkens the area with its drab and dated facade. Although the area around it is quite scenic, the absolutely massive high-rise, boasting an early modernism design, is a dated and bulky eyesore that dominates the skyline. It stands out even more because it’s surrounded by a cluster of low-rise apartments, so it’s the only thing you see peeking out over the horizon.

2) Confederation Parkway

This building, better known as Ole Miss Place, is a commercial building in the Dundas and Confederation area that’s boxy and terribly dated. Although it boasts a cool blue hue, it’s bulky design is pretty archaic, evoking images of an amateurly built block structure. The parking structure in the back, also blue, is in dire need of a paint job. As of now, the structure is rusted, chipping and unwelcoming.

1) High Point Mall

We know this structure is a product of its time, but it’s hideous. With a massive brown facade and narrow, prison-like windows, this place is terribly depressing. Located on the corner of Dixie and Bloor, High Point Mall also boasts a sign that has not been lit for years. It is home to a Vietnamese grocery store and legendary pizza place that has been around since the mall opened called Luca’s Pizza (so the offerings really aren’t half bad). Tenants aside, the mall is in desperate need of a facelift. We’re not sure what builders had against glass and colours that weren’t grey or brown in the 70s, but we’re glad no one is building these imposing fortresses quite so often these days.


City Centre Fortress 1

This gargantuan concrete giant is terribly bulky and, well, boring. Concrete structures like this look like prisons (perhaps it’s how the architects felt about offices?) and do so little for the skyline. Brown, drab and old, this building hasn’t aged well at all. 

City Centre Fortress 2

UPDATE: They demolished this massive concrete rubix cube in early 2021 to make way for the The Exchange District.

What is it with these horrible brown/gray concrete goliaths? They’re terribly austere and extremely unimaginative. They look like they could easily withstand hurricane winds, but cities that actually experience hurricanes rarely bother creating imposing monstrosities like this because, well, they prefer a little splash of colour on the street. With Square One becoming sleeker by the day and new glass-faced condos popping up, this building stands out more and more as a terrible eyesore. 

So, Mississauga – what ugly buildings did we miss?

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