5 Ugliest Buildings in Brampton

Published January 5, 2017 at 8:07 pm

While Brampton has some stunning buildings (just look at how the Rose Theatre complements the downtown core), it also has some cringe-worthy eyesores that are in major need of a facelift. Like any major city, it has bulky and drab office buildings, unimaginative high-rises and a few “gems” that residents wouldn’t mind seeing levelled.

That said, grotesque buildings are fun to look at and sometimes–just sometimes–their notoriety comes with charm.

So, without further ado, here are five of Brampton’s ugliest buildings.

Disclaimer: This list is judging exterior aesthetics only, it is not criticizing the businesses or residents contained within.

5) 10 Peel Centre

10 Peel Centre is the administrative location for Peel Region. The original complex (suite A) is a six-storey brick structure built in 1980 in a modernist style, the so-called “boring” office architecture of the time. While the look isn’t particularly offensive (the building isn’t rotting or poorly painted), the structure is boxy, unimaginative and drab.

4) The Controversial “Monster House” on Centre Street

This super tall home has been controversial since it was first revealed, both for its height and size. The big blue house on Centre St. stands out all the more because it’s surrounded by much smaller bungalows and  more understated homes. It has stood partially completed since the city revoked the building permits and has been an eyesore from day 1.

Note: It’s currently being demolished. RIP legendary monster house! 

3) Mid-1970s Shaw Towers

These buildings are common in every city, but they doesn’t make them any more attractive. This high-rise boasts a ugly, depressing brown colour with rusted and fading balconies in need of a new coat of paint. This condo building, located 17 Knightsbridge Road in the Queen and Bramalea area, was built by the popular developer Bramalea Limited at a time when Brampton was booming. This 18 storey structure has 177 units and has been around for over 40 years.

It has actually been used as a backdrop for a Pryde music video.

2) 80 Queen ST WEST

This pebble complex  is directly across from the new City Hall expansion and it backs onto a luxury high-rise condominium (lucky them!). The building was once home to a preschool daycare, but it’s currently vacant. Perhaps the developers were trying for something of a vintage facade, but the look doesn’t scream chic nostalgia–it screams Flintstone’s cave.  It really does look like someone slapped pebbles on concrete, hoping the look would come together. Sadly, it didn’t.

1) 69 Queen St West

The saddest part about this building, which was built in the late 1920s, is that you can see it has no life left inside it.  The moderately historical structure is now abandoned and hasn’t received proper upkeep or care as  result–which is sad, as old buildings can become such precious and notable landmarks. While it’s probably a great prop for a photoshoot or a movie set, it’s in desperate need of attention. It genuinely looks unsafe.

BONUS: Spooky 30 Year Old Glass Plant

Industrial buildings can be ugly, ungainly monstrosities that are sometimes abandoned. However, this one is still in operation. This plant sits right along highway 410 and the large smoke stacks still blow smoke, exposing the industrial area where it sits. The structure was previously known as the Consumer’s Glass Plant to many. This plant shows many characteristics of the old style Industrial Revolution of 60s and 70s, but it’s definitely not very pretty!

If an ugly structure that you find particularly objectionable didn’t make it onto the list, let us know in the comments below.


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