5 Types of People You’ll Find at Square One


Square one is a microcosm of people from in and around Mississauga. This mall has gone through some changes over the last few years, but the people frequenting the retail mecca remain the same.  As such, please find the top five people found at Square One at any point in time. 

5) The Golden Oldies Brigade:

It's 7 am in Mississauga and do you know where your Grandma is?!?! At home watching Kelly and Michael? Nope, she is at Square One, walking around with her posse at a fever pitch! Keeping that blood circulating, she can be found in the wee hours of the morning kicking it off by Freshly Squeezed in her track suit and visor while you are still at home in your jammie-jams. 

4) Yuppie Condo Dude: 

The area surrounding Square One is condo heavy to the point of complete ridiculousness and with that development came a surge in the amount of young professionals who have proudly flooded the area. A mainstay at &Co, Yuppie condo dude is usually found getting his refills of Dolce & Gabbana's The One at Sephora or looking at Seven Friday watches at Watch It. 

3) The Whey Protein Posse: 

Coming out of Goodlife in a pair of Roots sweat pants, a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut and a tank top, these guys love whey protein just as much a 16-year-old girl from Thornhill loves Drake. Another interesting fact about these guys is that as soon as they pull into a Tim Horton's parking lot, they magically turn into Masari lookalikes!  

2) Angry Dad from Acton: 

He arrived in his pick-up truck with his three kids and wife for some "shoppin' in the big city." He looks like Guy Fieri and his main mission of the day is to get a new Sons of Anarchy shirt but his kids have a different idea and they annoy him to no end begging for a new iPhone at the apple store.  This guy can usually be found screaming at his family in public with his wrap-around Oakley's, Metal Mulisha t-shirt and cargo shorts. 

1) 60-year-old Pinoy posse:

Hanging out in Mississauga's food courts since 1976, these Filipino grandpas' dreams of chasing babes and eating Leche flan have long since past. Luckily for them, they can still hang out in the food court playing cards and nursing a coffee for five hours as they watch the day go by and ask if you are Filipino if you sit beside them.   


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