5 Types of People Found at McDonald’s in Mississauga


Dirty Ronnies, Micky D's or McDick's -- whatever you want to call it, Mississauga has its fair share of McDonald's restos with 20 of them residing within our borders. No matter how many times they try to re-brand themselves a "McCafe," the patrons remain the same.  While most of the customers are normal, some of them would make the Hamburgler blush.

So without further ado, here are the top five interesting people you'll find at any Mississauga McDonalds. 

5) Two-Hundred-Year-Old-Coffee-Sippers:

No matter where you originate from -- whether it be a tiny island off the horn of Africa or Port Credit -- some of you will end spending hours at McDonald's drinking coffee once you're retired pensioners. I, for one, look forward to the days when I can sit with my golden oldies brigade at McDonald's in full chill mode for eight hours.

4) High School Kids:

The mortal enemy of the Two-Hundred-Year-Old-Coffee-Sippers, they typically can be seen at lunchtime being annoying.  From blasting music out of their cell phone speakers  to crowding the area around the cash as they try for the third time to remember their debit card pin, they are a staple at many McDonald's in Mississauga -- especially ones by high schools.

3) Condiment/Free Refill Thieves:

I don't know why, but I get really annoyed when I see customers taking advantage of the free condiments.  I understand McDonald's is a faceless multinational conglomerate, but filling up your EMPTY WATER BOTTLES WITH ICE TEA DOES NOT COUNT AS FREE REFILLS!

2) Angry Businessman:

Nothing says high-flying business man more than a McGriddle at 8 am. We can't all be eating veal medallions 24/7 like PK Suban, so even business gurus like me hit up dirty Ronnie's for a meal once in a while. So upset that he is going to miss his 9 am meeting with finance, this guy gets red faced and yells at the poor cashiers at the first sign of a delay in his order.

1) Drive-Thru Time Waster:

So you are on your way to the office at Courtney Park and Highway 10 and you have a nice 20 min cushion before you have to be in, so you hit up the drive-thru. You are about to place your order, but the car in front of you is asking if they "still have pizza on the menu?" ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH JUST GET ME MY COFFEE AND FRUIT AND FIBRE MUFFIN SO I CAN GET OUTTA HERE!


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