5 Things to do in Streetsville

Published January 21, 2013 at 4:21 am


Big things come in small packages, and the tiny village of Streetsville sure packs a punch. With a main strip that is less than 1KM in length, it offers up many solutions for culture and excitement. From yoga studios to shwarmas to art studios, to bowling alleys, Streetsville has it all.

Talk to enough people and you’ll discover people come from all over Mississauga to spend the day in Streetsville. 

Here are some of the best of the best in Streetsville.

5. Grab a coffee!

While there are a few places to grab coffee, Starbucks is the best. Situated on the corner of Thomas and Queen st., the old-style brick building gives the place an added charm. When you walk in, you feel cozy, like you’re going into an old friend’s house. 

Further, Starbucks offers a great patio to chill out on in the summer months. Occasionally they have live music, and if not, it is four feet off the ground so it’s a great spot to people watch. Coffee is coffee, and the location and atmosphere make Starbucks special.

4. Get your haircut!

There are two really good barber shops in Streetsville: Aldo’s classical barbershop (210 Queen Street S) and The Barber Studio (247 Queen St S). I’ve been to both, and can say that each have distinct qualities that make them really good. The good thing about Aldo’s is that there is actually a guy named Aldo who is terrific. You know this because there’s usually two lines: one is for Aldo, and one is for the other two guys. The line for Aldo is bigger. 

The Barber Studio is the place to go if you want a fresh fade. Cool, urban shop full of young guys who know what they’re doing. I’ve never been charged more than $20, plus you get to play fifa on a big scree while you wait.

3. Hang out at Streetsville Memorial Park

The Credit River is the main attraction here. A lot of people walk along the bike trail, some take their fishing rod and catch crayfish, and an even braver few whip out the canoe for a ride. It’s beautiful, scenic, and offers a great place to escape. 

In the summer months, this park doubles as a place to host a barbecue and as a soccer pitch.

2. Bar hopping

Everybody has their favourite bar in Streetsville. With four venues under within one KM of each other, it’s a great place to to get a selection of different types of venues. 

The Franklin House is cool because it has old pictures of people in Streetsville hunting animals. It also has two levels of décor, and pretty good live music. Go up early and get upstairs, otherwise you’ll be stuck downstairs the whole night. The hot girls, live music, and the better patio are all upstairs. 

The Cock and Pheasant has the most potential for a fun party. It’s all one room, so when it’s packed it gets racous and wild. Plus they have a popcorn machine and the bouncers make sure you don’t wait too long. 

Cuchulainn’s Irish pub has arguably the best patio in all of Streetsville. A popular venue on Friday and Saturday nights, they also offer live music every Thursday night. One of the best kept secrets is their inexpensive breakfast, with $3 bacon and eggs. And if you order a beer with it, you’re excused—it’s a bar after all! 

1. Salsa Dancing

The best kept secret in Streetsville, and I have a feeling it won’t be for long. Soul2Sole operates in  Wilson Martial Arts studio (205 Queen Street South), just across from Murphy’s Ice cream Parlour. 

What makes this place awesome is two things: the friendly people and the high quality instruction. Walk in during any of the classes and you’ll find people laughing and smiling, while performing some high level dancing. The owner, Jocelyn Azarcon, has made this little studio a very warm and inviting place. Even just after the first lesson, you’ll often make new friends and feel part of the salsa community. 

They also run a promotion where after your first class, each session you take only costs you about half price. Something to think about when you really want to get good! 

When you can muster enough confidence you might want to bring your salsa skills to the &Company every Wednesday to show off what Jocelyn has taught you.

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