5 Things to Do In and Around Mississauga for the Long Weekend


What are your plans for the weekend?

Three days off combined with good weather calls for some fun.

It's time to explore and finally go do that one thing you've always wanted to.

As for the bunch who can't decide, here are some ideas.

Game and race

When was the last time you played in an arcade? Try racing in a go-kart. It's harder than it seems, but there's nothing more fun than bumping into a kart and trying to find a way out the jam you’ve just caused. Or play a game of mini-golf. Playdium has several outdoor and indoor games that you can beat your friends at.

Or plunge into the world of virtual reality at Reboot Reality, an arcade where you strap on goggles that let you view a virtual world that gives you the feeling of being in it as you play. It's the new way to game and is worth a try. You can walk-in and play or pre-book for a group. Call ahead to ensure a spot for the weekend, the arcade is closed on Mondays.

If you're looking for something that's a little more mature and has a bar, grab a table at Captain's Snooker Club (they also have a karaoke room).

Venture down a trail

There's nothing like exploring your own city. Don't live in your sheets all weekend. Wake up and grab your bike or rent one. Or take a short nature walk with your camera. Mississauga has many trails that are worth exploring. Some include the Etobicoke Creek Trail, the Applewood Trail, Lake Aquitaine, Waterfront trail and more. There's always something to do where the trail ends or you could even pack a small picnic.

Gawk at the past

A walk down Streetsville gawking at the heritage structures and grabbing a bite at one of the family-owned restaurants or a walk down Port Credit village, which ends with a meal by the lake. Better yet, a tour of a heritage estate with antique furniture and being surrounded by an old-world charm. Mississauga's history is worth peeking into. Book a heritage tour or ditch the guide and explore by yourself. There are many walking tours that will take you around Clarkson, Erindale Village or Adamson Estate, Benaras and more.

Sample local food

Head into the city to explore different eats. Sign up for a food tour, Foodies on Foot has a Best of Toronto tour, which includes 5-6 stops at some of the best eateries in downtown. Or take a 501 Streetcar tour which begins at Parkdale and takes you all the way to Leslieville. Both tours are available over the long weekend and recommend buying a TTC day pass, if you don't already own a transit pass. There are many other tours you could sign up for, or check out the various eateries in any of the neighbourhoods by yourself.

Explore the outskirts

When else are you going to get a chance to head out? Take a short trip or even a day-long road trip. There are many spots where you can swim, several small towns to explore, or take a wine tour of Niagara or a brewery tour in the GTA!

Now can we ask what are your plans for the weekend?

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