5 Things To Build On This Land in Port Credit


Published October 1, 2015 at 8:15 pm


I’m not sure if you heard the news, but it looks like a huge swath of lakefront land — 72.1 acres of earth and a few more of water space — is up for grabs. You can actually take a look at the massive space, currently ripe for  development, here. The 70 Mississauga Road South plan, also known as Inspiration Port Credit, will take shape along Lakeshore W at Mississauga Rd S and boast two water lots totaling three and 12.7 acres respectively.

You can learn more here.

What’s going to become of this area? The Landmark Waterfront Development Opportunity is calling on developers to pitch some ideas. While it’s too soon to say what might occupy the space, here are some things we’d love to see.

5) Mississauga’s own Sugar or Wasaga Beach

Canada in general isn’t particularly ideal for beaches, but that hasn’t stopped people from using our scenic and generous waterfront spaces during the precious spring and summer months. While we might tend to gravitate to cottages, we do use our beaches and this massive lakeside spot would be perfect for some soft sand, charming waterside shops and stands and summery-hued lounge chairs and umbrellas.

4) Shopping and Entertainment District

You can’t have too many of these spaces, you just can’t. As Mississauga grows and more people move into the city, there will always be a need for more local shops, restos and watering holes. Imagine a chic lakefront district — kind of an extension to Port Credit, really — with more concept restos, unique retailers, cafes and hotels. Speaking of hotels, did you know that Toronto didn’t get its first five-star hotel until the Ritz-Carlton opened in 2011? Imagine a five-star hitting Mississauga. Most of us wouldn’t be able to stay in it, but we could keep our eyes peeled for Groupons. I stayed at the Ritz when it first opened because there were new opening deals and I was being treated by a very special person who loved me enough to splurge on me. That person was my mom. You could also put a ferris wheel here, conceivably. Some people like those.

3) Festival and Concert Space

Mississauga is great in terms of festivals, but imagine a huge chunk of waterfront land being used for a first-rate festival or concert (or a first-rate music festival). Think of Toronto Island without the horrific — and I do mean horrific — two to three hour wait for a ferry after a hard day of drinking and dancing to the sweet sounds of that hypnotic techno music all you cool kids like so much. This place could also host existing festivals, namely the South Side Shuffle. It would provide a little bit more space and an absolutely epic view. 

2) A Pedestrian-Only Space

Pedestrian-only spaces are a luxury few big cities can afford to give residents. Mississauga, being a driving city, would benefit even more from a car-free area because it would be such a precious rarity. In the summer, Toronto’s Kensington Market goes car-free on occasion and invites local artists to display their wares to passersby. Mississauga could absolutely steal this idea and invite people to browse art, crafts, food and goods made by local talent without worrying about stop lights or traffic.

1) A Year-Round Farmer’s Market

Have you been to the St. Lawrence Market? Did you love it? Of course you did. Farmer’s Markets are magnificent. They offer local produce to local people and they smell like a root cellar filled with soil and fresh cheese (which is, oddly enough, not unpleasant). A Mississauga market could have everything from freshly butchered meats to artisanal cheeses to fair-trade coffees and organic loose leaf teas. It could be a go-to for special occasions or a regular part of any shopper’s grocery routine. It could steal a page from Milton’s Springridge Farms and offer pastries, housewares and touchable farm animals (particularly piglets because I saw a piglet video today and I want to touch one’s nose against my nose).

Here’s what was there before:

Texaco Refinery, Port Credit, looking east, c1950

Texaco Refinery, Port Credit, c1960

What would you guys like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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