5 Things ONLY Mississauga People Know

Published October 26, 2015 at 3:08 pm


As much as our friends from the 6ix seem to think we are all a bunch of white washed suburbanites, we are a unique group. With a population that represents almost every nation from around the globe, there are many things that only a person from THE ROW would know.  As such, here are the following things exclusive to people from our side of the tracks. 

5) You know who Sam McDadi is:

I don’t think there is anyone in Mississauga (or Brampton now, for that matter) who has not seen this guy’s face on every billboard in the city. While I am certain he is an amazing realtor (as he has almost every home for sale in Mississauga on lock), all he needs is a jingle line like Diamond and Diamond or Celino and Barnes to have his image permanently etched into our minds …FOREVER.

4) The Absolute Towers (Marilyn Munroe buildings) are Insane:

Have you ever driven by these towers at 6 pm and saw a massive line up of vehicles trying to get in? No, there isn’t someone tossing out free iPads or vaporizer pens — it’s the everyday lineup of vehicles waiting to get into the parking garage after work on a Wednesday! I have heard of all sorts of wild stuff happening in and around those towers, but that’s a topic for another day.

3) 5&10 Has Best Cheap Eats in the City:

If your idea of exotic food is ketchup on your chicken fingers, stay away from this place. However, you do not have to be a 50-year-old Guyanese auntie to know that there is some terrific eats in this area. Think of the mind-blowing desi BBQ chicken at Tazeh Taste, the world famous burritos at Burrito boys, the fantastic late night Vietnamese grub at Pho Do Thi and the West Indian food at Charlie’s — this area has it all.

2) That Malton is Part of Mississauga: 

Ask someone from Toronto and they will say Malton is a part of Brampton. Ask someone from Brampton and they will tell you it’s a part of Woodbridge. Ask Strombo where he’s from? Ask any 30-year-old man from Woodbridge and they will tell you they never travel south of Steeles unless momma lets them. 

1) The Oceans Bum Rush:

At 7pm every day, Oceans offers deep discounts on all the prepared food at the hot table in hopes of selling it before closing time. It seems as if everyone from the subsidized housing on Acorn to the wealthy on Mississauga Rd. makes a beeline to Hwy 10 and Eglington to grab the day’s leftovers.  I once witnessed an old grey-haired lady and a 300-year-old almost come to blows over half-priced pepper shrimp!


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