5 Restaurants We Wish We Had in Brampton

Published November 23, 2017 at 10:20 pm

Brampton’s restaurant scene is pretty incredible — we have celebrity chefs, a diverse range of restaurant options, fine-dining, greasy spoons and all-day breakfast joints, and beyond. Though every Bramptonian can appreciate the Flower City’s food options, there are several restos we wish we had here. 

There are some restaurants just outside of Brampton and far beyond it that we can only wish would come here, if only for convenience’s sake!

And, hey, maybe if those restos see that we want them here, they’ll mosey on over. 

Here are five restaurants we wish we had in Brampton:

5) Bru

This gem isn’t too far from Brampton — it’s a downtown Oakville hipster hotspot, some 30-40 minutes from here. If there’s one thing Brampton could use more of, it’s craft beer, and Bru has lots of it! In fact, Bru supports more than 15 Ontario breweries and offers a variety of on-tap and bottled brews. The rustic interior and trendy atmosphere would also be fun and unique to have in Brampton. Not only would Bru amp up Brampton’s hipster scene, it would amp up Brampton’s resto scene as a while, offering several gluten-free and vegan options on its menu full of modern pub fare. As far as food goes, the diverse menu is satisfying and unique, complete with items like a classic brisket sandwich, fries supreme, and even a twist on a favourite here in Brampton — vegan butter chicken! If anything, perhaps Bru isn’t in Brampton because we’re not ready for its coolness yet…

4) The Cheesecake Factory

The ever-popular Cheesecake Factory just opened its first Toronto location at Yorkdale, and it’s had all of the hype. We already have a mix of popular and indie restos in Brampton, and though it might be too soon to ask for it, Brampton could definitely use its own Cheesecake Factory! Complete with pastas, steaks, Sunday brunch, patios, pizzas, seafood, and — the main event — over 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts, all made in-house with fresh ingredients, this place might be a hit in Brampton with a full-service location. For now, we’ll just have to settle with going to Yorkdale and waiting in those long line-ups to satisfy our Cheesecake Factory cravings. The Cheesecake Factory’s interior is featured in our cover photo, courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory online. 

3) Michael’s Back Door

Brampton already has its fair share of Italian restos, which tend to do quite well here, and Michael’s Back Door would really mix up the Italian resto scene. First and foremost, this restaurant’s location is one of its best features. The Mississauga gem is hidden from public view, at the back of a building in Clarkson off Lakeshore Road. You’ll park in a back alley and find a glass solarium where Michael’s is located — this fun resto is almost like a secret. They have some of the best risotto ever, a risotto pescatore, loaded with shrimp, scallops, fresh tomatoes and white wine…yum! It’s a great date night resto, a good spot for larger family parties with a wine room for 16, and they’ve been around since 1981. On behalf of Brampton, I think we could find space in our stomachs for one of Michael’s back doors, too. 

2) Schwartz’s 

Okay, maybe I’m daydreaming here, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have our own Schwartz’s right here in Brampton? The 80-year-old classic Montreal smoked meat joint would definitely draw visitors from all over to Brampton, and probably give a lot of Bramptonians a reason to stay. Schwartz’s boasts world-famous smoked meat, its the oldest deli in Canada, and any meat-eater who has been to Montreal from Brampton likely makes Schwartz’s a stop on every trip. You can get smoked meat by the pound, sandwiches, homemade french fries, and even steak and liver here. Perhaps Schwartz’s doesn’t have real chance at coming to Brampton, but we can dream! At the very least, we would love a resto that focuses on smoked meat!

1) Double D’s

Deep. Dish. Pizza. Currently, there are two Double D’s locations in Toronto — one in Toronto West on Dundas, and one in Toronto East on Gerrard. They boast eight different kinds of Chi-town style pizza, plus Mozza bombs, chicken wings, pints of beer, and even deep dish nachos. This place makes an indulgent deep dish pizza, incuding in a personal size for dine-in only, and the atmosphere is vintage. You can order pizza for take-out or delivery, and it’s actually comparable to classic Chicago deep dish. We know that Brampton appreciates cheap eats, and it would be so convenient to have our own Double D’s — or at least a deep dish pizza joint — right here in Brampton, open late and seven-days a week. It’s filling, made in-house, unique, and absolutely delicious!

(All photos courtesy of Facebook. Schwartz’s photo courtesy of website.)

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