5 Restaurants That Expanded & Took Over Their Neighbours Location


Published May 18, 2016 at 8:23 pm


It’s not unusual for a Mississauga restaurant to explode in popularity and when one does, sometimes the only solution is to tear down walls and expand the operation. If a resto is doing well, sometimes it has to take out its neighbour (or at least start occupying a little extra real estate).

For these five restos, there was nowhere else to go but…sideways (quite literally).

Here are some popular places that had to smash some drywall to seat — and feed — more hungry customers.

Brasas Churrasqueria Rotisserie & Grill 

What it took over: Halo Halo World

Located in a plaza on the corner of Burnhamthorpe and Glen Erin is a place that BBQs the best Portuguese chicken in town. Brasas is now double its original size and although the renos are ongoing, the resto is open. The chicken is cooked on a rotisserie over a bed of scorching hot charcoal and it is cooked to perfection — juicy on the inside with crunchy skin. I ordered it mild, so they applied the hot sauce just before they cut it up and served it to me. There are about six seats, but it’s predominately a takeout place. From the first to the last bite, the chicken is ridiculously good!

Fred’s Bar and Grill

What it took over: China City

One of the best kept secrets in Mississauga has been renovated and expanded. Fred’s Bar & Grill has taken over the China City that was next door and added a brand new section. The reno, which was a huge undertaking that required gutting the entire space, has made the resto much more open and inviting.

Pho Do Thi

What it took over:  A fashion retailer

Pho Do Thi doubled in size recently, so there is no more overcrowding of pho-loving revelers at 2 a.m. Pho Do Thi is located in the 5 and 10 block and is open super late — or should I say super early? It’s open until 6 a.m. Friday and Saturday to cater to the hardcore partiers and shift workers. Of all nights, the place was packed late on a Monday night. The resto has approximately 60 seats with about five of the tables set as communal tables. The broth was flavourful and the service prompt despite the packed house.  

Watan Kabob

What it took over: Mr. Sub

If you tried to grab at kabob at lunch or dinner time, you couldn’t get a seat. To accommodate diners, they had to break the wall down and take over the old Mr. Sub location. Watan Kabob is one of Mississauga’s premier spots for Afghani food.  Being located in an industrial area, this place tends to get rammed at lunch and dinner time. The food is absolutely delicious. It’s fresh and the prices are fantastic.  The same can certainly be said about the party trays offered at this Afghan mainstay, what with its succulent charcoal broiled Kabob, the fresh and fluffy rice and the dense and delicious Afghan naan (completely different from its Indian cousin).  


What it took over:  A nail salon

If you go on the weekend, you know this is the place to be in Streetsville.  They recently expanded the place to fit an oyster bar. The oyster bar is an entirely different concept, focusing on small Italian plates, oysters and martinis. It’s now the only “oyster bar” in Mississauga. The gorgeous space is made up of reclaimed wood and a bar showcasing their selection of oysters. Although the resto is an extension of Goodfella’s, the space itself has its own identity and could outgrow the current real-estate at some point if people continue to love the concept.



  1. Goodfellas Pizza
  2. Fred’s Bar & Grill
  3. Brasas Churrasqueira Rotisserie & Grill
  4. Watan Kabob
  5. Pho Do Thai
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