5 Restaurants That Closed That We Wish We Had Back

Published May 9, 2016 at 9:12 pm


Most restaurants close and for good reason in Mississauga but some of them we wish we had back due to the history or the memories we had with the establishments.

The Harp

While the bar that took over this locations is amazing there was something about this bar. After 26 years serving the Port Credit community, this place shut down on June 2, 2014. On their website it says it was in business for 9,581 days.

When it closed: 2014
What’s there now: Door FiftyFive

Montfort – Bristol

The post-My Apartment experience will never be the same now that this place has shut down. Nothing was better than wolfing down Middle Eastern food right after a night of clubbing, but sadly Montfort closed its doors for good in early 2014.

When it closed: 2014
What’s there now: Naan & Kabob

Enfield Fox

This place enjoyed a 20-year run in City Centre, but it closed for good in 2014.

When it closed: 2014
What’s there now: Tilted Kilt

West 50

Some of you might have forgotten poor old West 50, the Sussex Centre gem that was pulling nightlife seekers long before &Co and Bier Markt set up shop in City Centre. If you’ve been partying elsewhere, remember your old friend and its spacious patio and impressive selection of 50 on tap beers. Unfortunately before it closed down they changed it to a martini bar which probably lead to its demise.

When it closed: 2016
What’s there now: Nothing

Helen’s Fish and Chips

Once upon a time, this was considered arguably one of the best fish and chip joints in the city. Under new ownership, the ship sank in early 2014 and never resurfaced.

When it closed: 2014
What’s there now: Captain Robins

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