5 Reportedly Haunted Places in Brampton

Published October 6, 2017 at 4:07 pm

5 Reportedly Haunted Places in Brampton

If you enjoy getting scared, you don’t have to travel outside of Brampton for your adrenaline rush.

If you enjoy getting scared, you don’t have to travel outside of Brampton for your adrenaline rush. There’s well over a century of history here in Brampton, and with that, our city has its hauntings!

It’s hauntings galore here in Brampton – at these five reportedly haunted places, you can expect unknown footsteps, possibly possessed cribs, and seeing shadows through windows though there’s no one there. 

Here are five (of many!) places in Brampton where people have reported paranormal activity.

5) The old Keg in downtown Brampton

Downtown Brampton’s Cyclepath location actually has a lot of history – with a side of haunting. According to Brampton’s After Dark Tours leader Steve Collie, Cyclepath is where the old Keg was located in downtown Brampton, and before that, it was a hotel (there used to be quite a few hotels in downtown Brampton), dating back to the 1830s.

There was a massive fire at the hotel, which burned down and four people died. Their names are unknown, but according to Collie, they might still be haunting the place. At the old Keg location and beyond its time as a restaurant, the building is known to have radios and TVs turn on and off of their own accord, and things fall to the floor with no one touching them. So, you might feel a presence…creepy!

4) Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives (PAMA) 

Our beloved art gallery, museum, and archives in downtown Brampton also has some spooky stories – it used to be Brampton’s courthouse and Peel County Jail, after all. The jail, which was not the best kept (there was no electricity or running water for a long time, and prisoners slept on straw mattresses, says PAMA), held quite a few criminals, and often housed the homeless, and in fact, there were three executions onsite – yes, here in Brampton! Perhaps one of the executed is haunting the place.

The jail was condemned in 1977, and converted into a museum in 1986, according to PAMA. According to Collie, there may be multiple hauntings in the archives (think of how much history is there!), and there’s something particularly creepy about the women’s washroom in the courthouse area.

You didn’t hear it here, but according to Collie, multiple women have been in a stall, heard the main door open, footsteps pitter-patter inside, then out, and finally heard the door close. Here’s the spookiest part – none of the women have seen any feet, and when they’ve called out to check if someone’s there, there’s never been an answer…

3) Bovaird House

Something paranormal is definitely happening at Bovaird House. While Bovaird House’s history dates back to the 1800s just like the old Keg and PAMA, according to Collie, an antique crib was donated quite recently to the house, which now sits in the nursery, and it’s supposedly possessed.

Where did the crib come from, you ask? Well, a new grandmother donated it to Bovaird House. Collie says that the baby’s mother would often hear noises coming from her child’s room, and there was allegedly a presence seen near the foot of the crib. According to Collie, there have been multiple reports from different people saying that they have seen a woman crying at the foot of the crib, and though she isn’t threatening, that’s still very disturbing.

What’s more – some activity has been sensed in the bathrooms, according to Collie. Perhaps it’s Mr. Bovaird, one of the original homeowners from the 1800s.

2) The Dominion building

Another downtown Brampton site, the Dominion building is the one that currently houses Starbucks. Collie told inbrampton.com that it housed a post office with some rental rooms upstairs back in the 1880s, the Brampton police station until about 1974, and a bar called O’Malley’s back in the 1980s and 90s. Clearly, there’s a lot of history there. 

So, here’s what might be haunted about it, according to Collie. When the building housed O’Malley’s, several patrons reported seeing a tall man in an all black uniform of some sort – a postmaster-like uniform, recall that it was a post office in the 1880s! – who would show himself at all times of day and night. The possible postmaster would walk through the bar, to the bathroom, and vanish. There were also some reports of a strong presence at the top of the stairs in the building.

1) The Heritage Theatre

The theatre might be closed now, but there are a slew of reports of the place being haunted. Some say they have heard voices, gotten cold chills, and even seen a Grim Reaper-like figure within the building. An actor was also reportedly killed in a dressing room there.

That’s not all! According to Collie, people have also seen a shadow go by the projector room window, although no one is there. Here’s something spookier – people working at the front desk say that they have seen a light go off on the phone at reception, indicating there’s someone on the other line from another part of the theatre. When they answer – you guessed it – there’s no one on the other line. Perhaps it’s Jean, who worked there for about 40 years, says Collie, though her presence may not have left…

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