5 Reasons Mississaugans Have It Better Than OakVILLIANS


If you've ever met someone from Oakville, you might have noticed their aura of superiority. The pompousness comes from the fact that Oakville is reputed to be a town of high rollers where the streets are paved in gold nuggets and Moet flows from the water fountains. You would think it was the Dubai of Halton.  

Well, yours truly is here to bust this myth and show you why we have it better here in Mississauga. 

1. Mississauga Road Trumps the Homes on the Oakville Waterfront:

Wow, that's a bold statement, isn't it!? Granted, the homes on the water in Oakville are stunning enough to compete with any home in TO's Bridle Path area. However, the homes along Mississauga Road represent the cultural diversity that is this great city.  I mean, some of the homes look like the presidential palace of a former Arab dictator or a high rolling Mexican business tycoon. 

2. No Southern BBQ: 

Okay, I admit I was unfamiliar with what real southern BBQ was until last year. The most exposure I had to southern food up until that point was pounding back ribs at Rib Fest and testing the pulled pork recipe I picked up on Pinterest. I am now a full-fledged RD's and Holy Smokez addict and can't live without good southern BBQ. Sadly, those in Oakville can't experience the greatness that is RD's and Holy Smokez unless they travel to the hated Peel region. 

3. Lack of Ethnic Grocery Stores in Oakville:

What would we do in Mississauga without the amazing Asian food (fresh and prepared) at Oceans and T&T? What would we do without the amazing Middle Eastern groceries at Marche Adonis or Paramount butcher? How about life without the fresh West Indian provisions found at Charles? Well, just head west down the QEW for 10 minutes and you will see what that is like. I mean, if I had to shop at the big name grocers daily, I would be both very bored and in need of a second mortgage. 

4. Mississauga Has Places to Party:

 It's summer time in Mississauga. The weather is hot and we have plenty of places to party. You want live music? Head to Failte or the Roc n Docs. You want to drink it up? Head to, Door Fifty Five or The Pump. You want to party the night away? Head to, &Co or My Apartment. If I hit Oakville, I can only dance it up on the bar at Montana's or Harper’s Landing or maybe bust a move at the Oakville tea house. Not happening. 

5. Mississauga's Indie/Ethnic Food Scene:

For a foodie (which I am), Mississauga is an amazing place to call home.  You can have amazing local and fresh cuisine at Port 229 an unbelievable Central American street food at 229 (while watching the Raptor's game and drinking amazing IPAs, I might add) in Port Credit.  You have fantastic Afghan cuisine spread throughout the city and some of the best dim sum in the GTA is here, too. You can get amazing stone oven pizza at Goodfella's in Streetsville and the best shawarma this side of Cairo can be found at Osmow's.  I am not going to cut up the local restaurants in Oakville because they're great. However, the sheer amount of amazing places to eat makes Mississauga a foodie's dream. 



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