5 Places to Meet New People in Mississauga


Published August 28, 2015 at 7:19 pm


Big cities can be strange places. Filled with literally millions of people, the human traffic — constant but impersonal — can be incredibly isolating. We live in a world where we can brush past dozens of people a day, yet never talk to anyone.

You might even live in a building with hundreds of other people and never learn your neighbour’s name. All in all, whether you’re single, new to the city or just looking to make friends, forming organic connections in any sprawling metropolis can be difficult and Mississauga is no exception.

If you’re not into the idea of online dating or meetup sites (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either, they’re just not for everybody), you might find your time in Sauga a little lonely. Fortunately, there are fun activities you can do that will not only help you indulge your interests, but also connect you to like-minded people.

Here are five ways to meet people in Mississauga.

5) Take a Class at Sheridan or UTM

It might sound like a cliché, but you’re truly never too old to learn. If you have a little extra time and money, it might be both interpersonally and intellectually fulfilling to enroll in the continuing education/studies programs at either UTM or Sheridan. At UTM, you can study business, creative writing, languages, arts and sciences and more. At Sheridan, you can study fine arts, media and design, information technology, professional development and more. Both schools have specific application processes for mature students (you can even apply without a high school diploma), so you can increase your skills, expand your education and meet people with similar goals and interests. It’s a win all around and you can pay for individual courses rather than an entire program.

4) Indie Coffee Shops – Studio 89

Community activism is a profoundly positive thing that is personally enriching. It’s also great for connecting with people with shared interests and values. Studio 89 is a good place to go if you’re in the mood for organic and fair-trade edibles. It’s also known for hosting free workshops and facilitating empowerment and entrepreneurship. In terms of activities, you can meet people at their board game nights, documentary nights, book clubs, live music nights, networking events and fundraisers. You can check out their events calendar here

Bonus #1: If you’re a music and coffee fan, you might also want to check out the cozy and intimate Archtop Café in Port Credit. It just opened up and it’s the perfect place to meet other java and vinyl enthusiasts.

Bonus #2: If you’re a teen (aged 13-18) looking to meet LGBT dates or friends, you might want to check out the monthly Queer Movie Nights at the Art Gallery of Mississauga (better known as the AGM). This program provides a safe space and artistic outlet for queer youth, so it’s ideal for anyone looking to meet peers in a fun, casual and inclusive environment.

3) Co-ed Adult Sports Leagues and Fitness Classes

If you’re the athletic type, joining a co-ed sporting league or fitness class is a fantastic way to meet other singles and maybe even make more platonic friends. Whether you’re into badminton or swimming, the city has a ton of options and you can browse them here. If you’re into competition, you can find affordable soccer, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, flag football and hockey leagues here. If you’re more into general fitness, you can go to Celebration Square every Wednesday for Fresh Air Fitness classes at 7 pm (these classes are, obviously, seasonal). You can also find some fitness class listings here. You might also make friends at local yoga studios, cross-fit gyms and special activity facilities (for example, Archery District, Bad Axe Throwing and Room Escapes).

2) Book Stores

This is also a cliché, but it’s worth a shot. Bookstores are good places to meet people because you have a somewhat captive audience lingering in a place that begs to be lingered in. Serene and spacious, major bookstores such as Indigo (you can find locations at Square One and Erin Mills Town Centre) provide a comforting space for people to browse books and home goods for hours on end. The attached Starbucks also guarantees that most people will be staying awhile. If you’re into quainter spaces, one indie book nook is Turtle Creek Books. There’s also the library. While it might seem like we live in a world where every stranger approach is deemed “creepy” or oppressive, there are people who enjoy a polite and respectful approach by someone who wants to recommend a novel or chat about organic loose leaf tea. If you see an attractive man or woman contemplating J.K. Rowling’s adult mystery series, feel free to share your thoughts. That said, use common sense and don’t approach anyone who is clearly hard at work on their laptop with headphones on. You want to be friendly, not invasive.

1) Art Classes

Art classes are great for indulging your creative side and having fun while doing it. You don’t have to be a good artist — you just have to be brave enough to try something new. If you want to take painting, drawing, stained glass or photography classes, check out Visual Arts Mississauga. They offer a variety of classes for adults, so you can meet other creative types and bond over the challenges of acrylic and oil painting. You can also learn more about digital photography, which is both useful and fun in this social media-driven world. 


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