5 Places to Get Chicken and Waffles in Brampton

Published August 24, 2017 at 3:11 am

Chicken and waffles have been trending for some time now, but did you know you can get this delicious dish in Brampton? If you’ve tried it, you know the glory, and if you haven’t, there’s no better time than the present! Prepare to dig in to some sweet, sweet waffles and generous portions of fried chicken – here’s where you can get chicken and waffles right here in Brampton.

There are so many different ways a restaurant can do chicken and waffles right. I’ve seen it as a sandwich, I’ve seen it covered in buffalo sauce and maple syrup, or just one or the other, I’ve seen it served with fries or vegetables, and I’ve even seen it come with sour cream. However you like your chicken and waffles, there’s a chance it’s served that way in Brampton. And if you’ve never had them, you’ve got to try the odd concoction…at least once.

Here are five places you can get chicken and waffles in Brampton.

5) Exalta

This new breakfast, lunch, and brunch joint opened back in January at Queen and Kennedy, taking over Giggling Tomatoes’s prime real estate, and they’re open every day from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. The family-run restaurant serves their chicken and waffles heavy on the waffle side, with one waffle topped with five or six small pieces of fried chicken. The dish comes with an orange slice – which is refreshing between bites of fried and baked and maple syrup-y goodness – plus some maple syrup and sour cream. Don’t kick the sour cream until you try it! It’s pretty good, though more care could be given to their chicken, and straight to the point – there is chicken and it is on waffles.

4) Frigate & Firkin

This British-style pub near Queen and the 410 surprisingly has chicken and waffles on the menu, and they make ’em like your mom might. What does that even mean, you ask? They take half of a waffle, toss buttermilk-fried chicken on top, and serve it with brussels sprouts (vegetables, so healthy!) – but that’s not all, they drizzle a tasty and unique milk gravy on top and infuse it all with black pepper. My point is, their chicken and waffles are so comforting, you won’t even realize you’ve consumed 1220 calories when you’re done. 

3) Oscar’s Roadhouse

A little further down Queen, just past Bramalea, Oscar’s Roadhouse makes a buffalo chicken and waffle sandwich. They take their homemade, breaded chicken tenders, toss them in hot buffalo sauce, top them with lettuce, tomato (look! more veggies!), and blue cheese sauce, and tuck them between two freshly made jalapeno waffles. That’s right, jalapeno waffles. They’re sweet but they have a little kick to them! Served with fries, you will soon be craving Oscar’s version of chicken and waffles once you’ve had them.

2) John’s

If you want to hit this Fisherman’s Drive hotspot on a Saturday or Sunday, be prepared to wait a few minutes for a table. John’s Family Restaurant, a tasty establishment known for serving massive portions of breakfast, brunch and Greek and Italian fare, is a casual restaurant run by friendly servers that’s augmented by a filling and delicious menu. Their chicken and waffles dish is an epic yet simple dish, with one big, sweet waffle, topped with chicken tenders. Smother this baby in copious amounts of maple syrup and you’re good to go – it’s a satisfying plate of savoury and sweet. You won’t be disappointed here.

1) J.Red & Co

At Main and Vodden sits the restaurant with the biggest and best chicken and waffles in Brampton! The deep fried chicken is dipped in J.Red’s special spicy Nashville dip and served on top of a savoury waffle in four layers – waffle, chicken, more waffle, and more chicken – and drenched in delicious maple syrup. A pile of fried onions garnish the massive portion, which exudes flavour. There is definitely spice to this dish that’ll surprise you (or make a little steam come out of your ears), the chicken is a good amount of crispy, and the waffles create an ideal texture. This chicken and waffles will have you hooked!

  1. J Red & Co
  2. John’s Family Restaurant
  3. Oscar’s Roadhouse
  4. The Frigate & Firkin
  5. Exalta Restaurant
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