5 Places to Get a Pumpkin Spice Treat in Brampton

Published September 21, 2017 at 11:18 pm

Whether you love it or you hate it, pumpkin everything is a staple every fall. Lattes, scones, tarts, pies – you name it, pumpkin-lovers will devour it from the depths of their plaid shirts, blanket scarves, toques, and hipster glasses! Or, at least, I will.

Pumpkin spice is probably the warmest, coziest spice that exists, and there are quite a few places in Brampton with pumpkin-themed treats. If you’re basic enough, you’ve probably already consumed at least 97 (Disclaimer: I might have made that number up…) pumpkin spice treats – muffins, scones, lattes, oh my – and fall just began yesterday!

In terms of pumpkin treats in Brampton, we searched far and wide to scope out where you can find some sweet, sweet pumpkin goodness right here in our city.

So, here are five places you can get a pumpkin spice treat in Brampton!

5) Prince of Wales Country Market

It’s official – pumpkin pie is in season at Prince of Wales! This independent grocery store at Embleton and Heritage is a little off the radar, but once you’ve discovered it, there’s no going back. Prince of Wales has pies that are stuffed to the brim with fruits and filling, with a perfectly flaky and melt-in-your-mouth crust, and they’re all baked in-house daily, so what’s there changes from day-to-day. But, there is a classic pumpkin pie for the next little while for the fall. The prices are a little higher (what’s pictured was $15), but this place delivers on quality. A solid place to grab a pumpkin pie treat in Brampton…and, grab a latte to go along with it! 

4) Williams Fresh Cafe 

Williams Fresh Cafe on Queen is a great place to go if you want a unique pumpkin spice drink. Fall flavours are in season at this Brampton classic, so get excited! Choose from a selection of three pumpkin spiced beverages here – a classic pumpkin spice latte, or if you’re not a huge coffee drinker, try the pumpkin spiced chai tea latte, and if you just don’t want any caffeine or you’re feeling some chocolate, they even have a pumpkin spiced hot chocolate. Williams may not have any baked pumpkin treats, but you can still grab a sandwich, a soup, or even waffles to go along with your sugary drink.

3) Peggy’s Cafe

Peggy’s has been around for some time now, but you may or may not have heard of it. Peggy’s Cafe is a family-run joint tucked into a mainly industrial area, but they have a wide variety of food and kind service – you should check it out if you’ve never been. This place has everything from breakfast to chow mein to pasta, they surprisingly deliver, and they’ve even got a solid pumpkin item on the menu (yay, fall!). When you hit up Peggy’s, try their pumpkin tart! Keep in mind Peggy’s is closed on Sundays, open until 3 p.m. on Saturdays, and open 6 a.m.-7 p.m. during the week. 

2) T by Daniel

You better believe that T by Daniel in downtown B-town has dropped some fall-themed teas on Brampton! This Brampton classic does indeed have a pumpkin-flavoured tea for the season: a cocoa pumpkin chai. This chai just screams blanket scarves and fall. The aroma is enchanting, and it’s definitely a unique blend of tea, combining notes of chocolate and pumpkin from your first sip to your last. T by Daniel suggests adding some milk and cinammon, too. Great, now I want to sip a cocoa pumpkin chai and take cute pics for the ‘gram with some fall foliage at Gage Park…

1) Coffee Culture

The good ol’ Coffee Culture in downtown Brampton where I used to hang out in high school (did you?!) might be gone forever, but don’t worry, you can still swing by their location on Bramalea! This place has pumpkin everything – a pumpkin scone, a pumpkin spice muffin, a pumpkin freddoccino (ice cream and coffee, yum!), a white hot chocolate pumpkin mocha, and, of course, a classic pumpkin spice latte. Some locations have pumpkin cheesecake and a pumpkin danish, too, but the one in Brampton has confirmed that they have the muffin and the scone as far as baked goods go. Pro tip: try all the things!

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