5 New Year’s Resolutions for Mississauga Residents


It's a new year in Mississauga and it's time to move forward in 2016! You need to get your work out on, ask that good looking woman in the office out on a date and eat less junk food (no more Popeye's for you!). It's time to make a New Year's resolution in Mississauga and stick to it! As such, here are the top five things we, as a city, should strive for in 2016. 

1. Stop Brawling in Public 

What ever happened to private soccer scraps at the Hershey Centre or bench clearing fights at the Cooksville arena? It seems as if we are now brawling in public these days, with two very pronounced fights getting internet fame around the globe. The first memorable bust up was the brawl between several female students on a Miway Bus in Meadowvale and the second a more recent pow wow in the parking lot of Square One over a parking spot on Boxing Day. 

It's one thing to fight over a girl in high school, during sporting events or over the last chicken on the rocks at Osmow's, but it's a whole other thing to get “shine” on the internet over your public spats! Also, it's BOXING WEEK (meaning you can give up your spot and shop another day and still enjoy 40 per cent off at David's Tea and avoid the violence)!  

2. Stop appearing on WorldStarHipHop or LiveLeak:

Newsflash: Appearing on either of these websites is a bad thing. So, let's keep off them, shall we?!  While I am glad the hashtag #saugabrawl has died down after the aforementioned fights, let's keep anything with a Sauga hashtag on those two sites to a minimum. It's great to get your social media game on, but not if it involves a shaky iPhone video with some clown screaming “Worldstar! Worldstar!” in the background.  

3. Deal With the Damn Fire Alarm Near Old Navy at Square One:

While I am not certain why this is, it seems that whenever I am upstairs with my kid in a stroller, the stupid fire exit/fire alarm goes off. When the alarm goes off, two very irritating things happen. One: an annoying robotic voice tells me, over and over again, “to remain calm and that the authorities have been called." Two: The elevators stop working. When the second thing happens, I am forced to camp out with my daughter and her stroller upstairs or take a leap of faith down the elevator shaft and leave my daughter with a 16-year-old Old Navy staff member.   

4. Go to Malton More Often for Cheap/Delicious Eats:

I was talking to my girl Preety at India’s Taste and she told me that she has not seen as many of you from “Mainland Sauga” as she would like. I am telling you guys, the best food deals are to be found at the following places in Malton:

1. Sweet India (Indian, Punjabi)
2. Asian Wok and Roll (Hakka)
3. Mr. Jerk (Jamaican)
4. Zets (Family)
5. Lykn Chicken (Fried to Jerk Chicken)

And that is just a quick five off the top of my head. I know that many of you do not like to venture “all the way to the airport” for grub, but some of the most unique and delicious spots are found in the former home of the Avro Arrow. 

5. Keep Being You, Mississauga:

This city is a great, unique place that houses every nationality on the face of the earth, amazing food, personality and people. It is not a faceless suburb and is distinctly different from its big Brother, thesix6. So, in the New Year, support the Raptors905, listen to local artists like John River, Partynextdoor OVO and Junia-T, venture into Cooksville, Meadowvale or Malton and eat at the hole in the wall restaurants like Pho Do Thi, Eddies Wok or India’s Taste and don’t be afraid to venture into your local ethnic grocer, like Adonis, Oceans or Charlie's.  

One last thing! With all this amazing, cheap food in the city, if I catch any of you eating a chicken finger at a restaurant in 2016, I am going to publicly shame you on my Instagram @rchiasson80! 

Enjoy 2016, Mississauga. 



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