5 Neighbourhoods You Might Be Afraid of But Shouldn’t Be


Published September 11, 2015 at 2:52 pm


In every big city, there are rougher spots that people tell you to avoid. While Mississauga is one of the safest cities in Canada, it does contain pockets with spicier reputations.

While it’s always good to be cautious and aware of your surroundings, it’s never wise to write off otherwise vibrant or developing districts. Doing so isolates the regions further, cutting them off from opportunities to grow their local economies. It also breeds distrust, conflict and paranoia.

Here are the five neighbourhoods you shouldn’t avoid in Mississauga.

5) Sheridan (in Erindale)

The area around Sheridan mall has a bit of a bad rep, but it’s walkable and affordable and boasts a ton of cool food options. If you’re looking to save some money on housing, the subsidized units in the area are ideal for people who can’t swing costlier accommodations. If you’re looking for an income property or more affordable equity, you can purchase a Roche Court condo for well under $200,000. You can also rent a unit for under $1,000. If you don’t have a car, the neighbourhood is relatively walkable and you can access shops, malls, restaurants and medical offices on foot. In terms of food, two nearby gems are Chopan Grill and Moon Sushi. Chopan, a spacious relic that still boasts an old school aesthetic (the new owners left the space’s ‘80s bones in place), offers delicious Afghan and Indian cuisine and exceptionally attentive service. Moon Sushi is the kind of on-point AYCE place that every neighbourhood should have.

Who’s afraid of Sheridan? People from Lorne Park

4) Meadowvale

This mixed-income neighbourhood is sometimes dismissed as moderately sketchy, but it’s great in terms of amenities. Meadowvale Town Centre offers shops and restos that are easily accessible by foot if you live in a nearby house or apartment (and there are many). You can purchase property for less (some older condos may be available for less than $200,000) and, since the apartments are older, you might get a little extra room. I actually looked at a few Meadowvale condos a couple of years ago and was impressed by the spaciousness of the units. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a condo where the bedroom walls don’t touch your queen-sized bed on all sides? In terms of food, you can hit up all your favourite big box joints and a few indie standouts, namely Union Social Eatery and Dolled Up Cupcakes (they have a coconut cupcake that’s goddamn amazing).

Who’s afraid of Meadowvale? People from Churchill Meadows

3) South Common Mall (Erin Mills)

The South Common Mall (also known as South Compton) area in Erin Mills has a bad rep, but it’s a quaint and mixed-income space that’s close to schools, restaurants, shops and parks. In terms of food, some nearby plazas contain some cool options. If you’re into Filipino cuisine, you can stop by Halo Halo World Café Inc (we recently wrote about halo halo here) for a decadent cultural treat. You’re also close to 168 Sushi, Apricot Tree Café and Rogues (if you’re feeling super fancy). There are also tons of parks in the area and a few very cheap gyms. So, if you value fitness and pet ownership, this neighbourhood might just be the one for you.

Who’s Afraid of South Common? Anyone who lives on the nicer parts of Mississauga Road

2) Malton

Ah, Malton. I once saw a Shopper’s Drug Mart security guard angrily berate a suspected shoplifter in a parking lot and it was really uncomfortable [for me]. That little anecdote aside, Malton has a few things going for it besides being the home of Avro Arrow (does that still excite anyone?). Malton is incredibly diverse and boasts a strong ethnic food and retail scene. I actually kinda/sorta work in Malton and have spent many lunch hours at Asian Wok ‘n’ Roll and, when a celebration rolls around, baller relic Topiary’s. If you’re looking for something classic, you have Zet’s Restaurant. In fact, you can find some Malton gems here. It’s also close to the airport, so if you live or work there, cab fare to and from Pearson won’t kill you.

Who’s afraid of Malton? Most of Mississauga

1) Cooksville (5/10)

Oh, Cooksville. It’s probably the closest thing Mississauga has to a genuine urban space. Comparable in look and feel to some Toronto neighbourhoods, this historical area boasts a vibrant food and retail scene, great walkability, access to public transportation and incredible density. Cooksville’s reputation as a rougher area isn’t entirely undeserved, but most people walk through 5 and 10 daily without incident. Also, the neighbourhood has an incredible variety of diverse and affordable dining options. One plaza alone might offer pho, burrito, dosa and roti joints. Also, this ‘hood is super close to Square One, so you can walk to the mall area on a hot summer day to do some shopping, catch a movie or eat a giant piece of mozzarella cheese at Scaddabush. If you’re feeling energized on the way home, stop in at Border MX for some fish tacos and a shot of premium tequila.

Who’s afraid of Cooksville? People from Port Credit


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