5 Most Pointless Mi Way Bus Routes

Published January 16, 2016 at 4:24 am


Mississauga’s bus system is one of the most confusing and frustrating transit systems out there. Living in the city, you have probably had to pay $3.50 to take one of these crazy buses somewhere. To help guide you, we have put together our list of 5 MiWay bus routes that are absolutely pointless. 

29 Park Royal North: Instead of putting a route in areas that need public transit they decide to add an almost identical route for no reason. The 13 North travels the same route as the 29 North making the Park Royal bus useless. There is no need to have three different buses go to the same mall all coming from the same transit hub, South Common.

31 North Folkway: A route that used to be filled with many people heading into Toronto can now be seen almost empty. As soon as they took out the bus that ran in the opposite direction around Folkway the 31 became useless. If you get on the bus at the start of Folkway Drive intending to stop at South Common mall you will be sitting on the 31 for about 30 minutes.

48 Erin Mills: Why must they create bus routes with little to no difference to an existing route? The 48 is almost identical to the 13 Glen Erin. They both come out of South Common and both go to Meadowvale Town Centre.

7 Airport: The 7 Airport Mi Way Bus route use to be one of the only buses that would take you to Pearson International. Now that they have added the new 107 Malton Express, the 7 Airport bus has become a pointless route. What use to take an hour only takes about 30 minutes on the 107 Express.

29 B Park Royal – Homelands: For some reason they didn’t think the 29 was pointless enough so they added the 29 B Park Royal. It does the same route as the 29 Park Royal but only runs on weekends and holidays.

The Funnies Looking Bus Ruote:

47 Ridgeway Loop: Mississauga Transit bus route #47 might be the funniest looking bus route.

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