5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga – October 24 to 30


Here are the 5 hottest and best restaurants in Mississauga for the week of October 24 to 30, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on insauga.com. 

5 - 229

229 is a new late night joint in Port Credit. 229, occupying a modest space, offers diners a more rustic, casual vibe. The resto is designed for drinking, with the bar proudly occupying almost an entire half of the dining room. It's all about fun at 229 and we can appreciate that. 229 offers customers something that's lacking in the city -- authentic Central American cuisine. Their dishes are savory, memorable and filling and their vibe encourages guests to loosen up and pair their cocktail with a little light-your-mouth-on-fire house-made hot sauce. 

Tuna ceviche

4 - The Cold Pressery

The Cold Pressery dishes out healthy food and bevies that are made in-house and are high on the flavour profile. Although their specialty is fresh organic cold-pressed (raw) juice, they offer so much more. The menu includes a selection of organic cold pressed juices and smoothies with fun and catchy names like Juicy Fruit, Orange Uglad and Hulk's Favorite. They also offer healthy snack options, including avocado smashed toast and acai bowls that are filled with bananas, mangoes, coconut shavings and granola. Vegan pies, Danishes and cookies are also on the menu and everything is vegan and dairy-free. They also make cold pressed organic almond and cashew milk and cold pressed coffee. The duo behind the concept are progressive in their creations and continuously add new items to their menu, such as their vanilla chai seed pudding (velvety vanilla chia seed pudding sweetened with raw agave, coconut milk & cinnamon and topped with granola & seasonal fruits) and seasonal offerings like their new list of hearty soups and seasonal pies such as pumpkin pie. One of my favorite dishes is the chipotle bean taco (a blend of beans, onions, mushrooms, celery, corn, chipotle pepper & smoked paprika on a spread of fresh avocado - garnished with diced tomatoes, coriander, purple cabbage & drizzled with chipotle sauce with a choice of three hard or soft corn tortillas). I know it sounds super-healthy and a bean taco seems somewhat underwhelming, but don’t knock it until you try it because this vegetarian taco packs a flavourful punch and it’s hearty, so you will be satisfied. The space seats 26 and is adorned with wood elements and chalkboard walls. 

Chipotle bean tacos

3 -  Fred ‘s Bar & Grill

One of the best kept secrets in Mississauga is Fred’s Bar & Grill. Locals and regulars already know this, but the lemon tomato grilled calamari is legendary. This place recently went through a reno and the new digs offer 26 TVs and two 80” babies on the wall, so there is not a bad vantage point anywhere in the restaurant. You can find Fred’s hidden in a small plaza in central Mississauga. It serves up some of the best bar food and has great service. The old faithful don’t have to worry, as they have not changed the menu and still have some of the best wings and calamari in the city. This little place is great for chilling, hanging out, watching sports and getting to know and/or impress someone on a date.   

2 - Border MX

This new place has garnered a lot of attention since it opened because Mississauga doesn't have many authentic Mexican joints. The chef is from Mexico, so she knows her stuff and makes truly authentic dishes in her Mexican kitchen.  The menu offers traditional Mexican dishes, including fajitas, tamales, flautas and pork carnitas. Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for Chef Rico's regional Mexican specials such as Tongue Tacos (self-explanatory) and Pozole (a soup made of pork or chicken broth with hominy and other garnishes).  We tried he pork and fish tacos and they were both delicious, as you can see from the picture.

Pork Tacos

1 - Door FiftyFive

Imagine you've been whisked away to a Queen West bar. Since it opened just over two weeks ago, this place has been crazy. Even on weeknights, when other bars in the area are dead, this place is busting at the seams with people and with good reason. Get ready to be amazed. Every aspect of this place — including the space and menu — has been designed with the utmost thought to detail.  Although the food menu is only about five per cent of entire menu (there are only 13 items), you will find interesting takes on southern classics, such as chicken and waffles, Rub Me the Right Way beef brisket, Boars Gone Wild smoked sausage, bison chipotle frank, blackened shrimp and gumbo cheddar grits and the boss platter (BBQ sampler platter). All of meat is smoked with SmokinLicious' cherry wood and sugar maple wood chips, which "gives a nice sweetness to meat."

Seafood Grits


5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga - October 24 to 30

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