5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga – July 16 to 22


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of July 16 to 22, 2016, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on insauga.com. 

5 - The Wilcox

The Wilcox Gastropub is located on the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton and is situated in the Wilcox House - one of Mississauga's oldest  Heritage Homes which features Greek and Gothic detailing and was built by Amos and Charles Wilcox in 1850. In a place that serves everything from pork sliders to poutine, Scotch egg, ceviche, cassava frites, braised short ribs, an18oz bone-in rib eye steak and confit of duck leg I'm going straight to the burger. This is one of their signature dishes here called The Wilcox Burger and it didn't disappoint. The beef is grounded daily and the only one on this list that actually bakes their brioche buns daily. Now that's dedication!

Steak and Frites

4 - El Jefe

One of Mississauga’s most highly anticipated restaurants has opened this week! It’s one of only three full-service Mexican restaurants in Mississauga and it’s called El Jefe, which translates to “the boss” or “the chief” in Spanish. The menu as described by Pablo as having many layers to it. For example the chicken chimichanga is “sweet, spicy and crunchy. It has a three-pepper roasted tomatillo (Mexican green tomato) that is seared off with olive oil and spices mixed with roasted garlic, roasted poblano and chipotle peppers that are pureed down to serve as the base of the dish. It is stuffed with seared chicken breast, spinach, roasted corn and cheese, deep fried and covered in a mango Pico de Gallo,” says Pablo. The menu also features table-side made guacamole and house-made flour tortillas, sauces and salsas. Pablo has incorporated three main cheeses throughout the menu, including Mexican queso fresco, Spanish manchego and American Monterey jack cheeses. The diverse, mouth-watering menu includes dishes such as ceviche, Corona-battered blooming onions, taquitos, baked empanadas, seven different tacos (chicken, fish, steak, calamari and more), burritos, carnitas, a signature beavertail taco and a classic Mexican sweet favourite - churros. 

Chicken chimichanga

3 - Village Suya

African street food has made its way into Mississauga and it's a first for the city. Village Suya is an authentic African grill house restaurant that specializes in northern Nigerian street eats known as suya. Suya is Nigeria's version of a shish kebab, "it's thinly sliced pieces of meat that are marinated in a mixture of ground kuli-kuli and other spices such as garlic powder and ginger", says Chanda. Kuli-Kuli is a popular Nigerian snack made with roasted peanuts and a variety of spices. On the menu you will find beef and chicken suya, whole and half chicken, quarter chicken and chicken breast along with a fusion dish called village suya wings (deep fried wings dusted in the suya spice), fried plantain, fried rice, warm spinach salad and roasted corn. There is also a baked mac & cheese dish on the menu - a popular dish in the Bahamas and Chanda's family recipe.

2 - Corner by Spoon and Fork

Corner is a new cafe which combines a casual dining experience in a contemporary designed space and offers a global menu that caters to a wide variety of palates. The concept, by Spoon & Fork, is the brand’s first quick-service restaurant. The popular brand is a family run business, well known for their contribution to the Asian restaurant scene having started their first Japanese restaurant called Prince Japanese Steakhouse back in 1996. Food Menu: Corner’s Asian and European menu includes a wide variety of options that include freshly baked pastries (croissants, scones, muffins, brownies,donuts, danishes, cinnamon buns); sushi burritos, desserts (French macarons, tarts, cupcakes, cakes); all day breakfast (benedicts, omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, french toast); sushi trays (made fresh daily and on-site). They also recently introduced the sushi burrito and the poke bowls to Mississauga!

1 - LA Boil

L.A. Boil has officially opened its doors and it is Mississauga's first seafood boil restaurant! Seafood boils are a traditional southern American way of chowing down on seafood typically associated with a social event that involves a lot of shellfish. Thankfully, restaurants have embraced this tradition so you don't have to wait for an event to enjoy it. If you're a newbie to this phenomenon, get ready to get dirty! Instead of plates and utensils, you are provided with a bib, gloves and a seafood cracker. It involves a lot of cracking, ripping and pulling. It's a barbaric mission that's messy, fun and executed to pop music playing throughout the resto. The build-your-own 3.1 step menu is priced by the pound. The first step includes choosing your seafood which includes king crab legs, Dungeness crab, lobster, snow crab legs, crawfish, mussels, clams and shrimp. Step two is to pick your flavour which includes Cajun, lemon pepper, garlic butter, curry and L.A. Boil (mix of Cajun, lemon pepper and garlic butter). The third step involves choosing your spice level (non-spicy, mild, medium or crazy fire). Step 3.1 is an optional step where you can select side dishes that include sausage, corn on the cob, potato, okra, zucchini, lotus root, sliced chicken and mushroom.

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