5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga - Jan 16 to 22


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of January 16 to 22, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on insauga.com. 

5 - Miga Korean BBQ

“This place has Galbi, Bulgogi, spicy chicken breast, spicy pork Bulgogi and 18 meats to BBQ!” 

Miga Korean Restaurant is located on Dundas West just past Erindale Park. When you walk in, you are greeted by a large and modern resto that has a BBQ hood over every table. We ordered the BBQ Combo #1 for two people. This came with Galbi, Bulgogi, spicy chicken breast and spicy pork Bulgogi. We also wanted to try something different, so we tried cows tongue. All the meat was very fresh and marinated to perfection. Also, Miga has 18 meats to choose from. The service was impeccable, as the server knew I sucked at BBQing and therefore helped us by telling us how long things should cook and how to know when the meat was done — no other place did that. Also, this is the only place that regularly replaces the grill so you aren’t cooking on a blackened, dirty surface throughout the meal. They also greased the grill with a piece of fat, which I thought was a nice touch. No one else in the top 5 did the last three things mentioned. One thing you have to know about Korean BBQ is that most places will only seat a minimum of two people, so bring a date or a friend. 

4 - Kravingz

“They source a number of the ingredients for their dishes from local bakeries and suppliers” 

Lissa Genobaga and Damian Kubarski are a husband and wife team who are self-proclaimed foodies and steadfast local supporters who love their community in Clarkson - an undiscovered area of the city which has a number of gems including theirs - a new brunch spot called Kravingz. Unique for: Made-from-scratch menu which supports local suppliers. They source a number of the ingredients for their dishes from local bakeries and suppliers such as Manila Bakery's specialty - a Filipino bread roll known as pandesal, produce from A.J. Lanzarotta, and other ingredients from Truscott Bakery and Sheridan Meats. Signature Dish: The Flip Side (house made longanisa which is a Filipino sausage served with crunchy garlic rice and a fried egg), The Polski Benedict (potato placki is a Polish potato pancake served with smoked salmon or peameal bacon, poached eggs and house made hollandaise), Chicken N' Waffles (crispy fried chicken served with bacon and jalapeno waffles, bacon dressing and coleslaw) and The Islander (jerk corned beef hash, corn and cheddar grits and poached eggs) are so far the most popular.   

3 - Pepperwalk

“The space has been completely transformed from a breakfast and lunch franchise called Tutti Frutti and the difference is surreal.”

Pepperwalk is new Asian fusion restaurant located in Heartland Town Centre and it calls itself “Mississauga’s Halal fine dining”. It’s an open concept and modern restaurant featuring booth seating and tables for smaller parties. The tables are pre-set with glassware and cloth napkins. The walls are decorated with framed prints and pop music provides the ambient noise. The space has been completely transformed from a breakfast and lunch franchise called Tutti Frutti and the difference is surreal. The resto is more like a family restaurant than a fine dining one, with an extensive list of North American and South Asian dishes such as quesadillas, chicken wings, shrimp tempura, burgers, black angus fillet mignon, lobster, kebobs, beef, chicken and lamb tikka, curry dishes, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, mocktails, fruit smoothies, milkshakes and desserts. 

2 - Flip a Coin

“The mini-flip is Flip's signature beef slider using homemade patties with a secret ingredient topped with kimchi”

Flip A Coin restaurant recently opened in Port Credit and took over the space formerly known as Sassy Teas on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. W just east of Mississauga Rd. The restaurant concept specializes in tapas and while tapas is not a unique concept in Mississauga, Flip A Coin's concept is and focuses on Asian inspired tapas. Unique for: Asian inspired tapas. Signature Dish: The mini-flip is Flip's signature beef slider using homemade patties with a secret ingredient (you can try to guess what it is for $1 off your meal), topped with kimchi and combined with house made teriyaki sauce served with house made crisp chips. Food Menu: The seasonal menu is MSG free and chef Sage creates house made sauces and accompaniments including black bean, chilli oil, avocado and spicy mayo, teriyaki, garlic chilli, soy bean crumbs and curry paste. There are currently 14 dishes dishes on the menu which include steamed black cod and bowl of joy. Both are prepared using the traditional Chinese method of steaming on a bamboo steamer. This technique keeps the food moist and infuses the flavour and aroma of the bamboo. "Our food is elegant, tapas style not traditional Chinese cuisine", says chef Sage.


1 - Door FiftyFive

“Imagine you've been whisked away to a Queen West bar.”

The hottest restaurant since it opened last year is Door FiftyFive! Imagine you've been whisked away to a Queen West bar. Since it opened just over two weeks ago, this place has been crazy. Even on weeknights, when other bars in the area are dead, this place is busting at the seams with people and with good reason. Get ready to be amazed. Every aspect of this place — including the space and menu — has been designed with the utmost thought to detail.  Although the food menu is only about five per cent of entire menu (there are only 13 items), you will find interesting takes on southern classics, such as chicken and waffles, Rub Me the Right Way beef brisket, Boars Gone Wild smoked sausage, bison chipotle frank, blackened shrimp and gumbo cheddar grits and the boss platter (BBQ sampler platter). All of meat is smoked with SmokinLicious' cherry wood and sugar maple wood chips, which "gives a nice sweetness to meat."


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