5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga – April 30 to May 6


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of April 30 to May 6, 2016, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on insauga.com.

5 - Guru Lukshmi

This place is one of the most popular South Indian restaurant in the GTA--and for good reason.  The recently expanded location has undergone a renovation that closed the restaurant for some months, causing a near riot in the foodie/Indian community in the region. The service here is excellent and the helpful wait staff is more than happy to explain each dish and chilli level to first timers.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a crispy and buttery Masala dosa with three different fresh chutneys and the soup (Sambar), which is to die for.  Here is a tip, MAKE RESERVATIONS or you may be forced to wander the parking lot at Mclaughlan and Derry for an hour as you wait for an open table.  Also, meat lovers need not apply, this place is strictly vegetarian. 

4 - Thyme

Located in Port Credit, this is an interesting place. Obviously this place is Italian because it wouldn't be on this list if it wasn't, but the menu actually offers a selection of Thai dishes as well. The story goes that the owners had a Thai resto in Toronto awhile back. They operated that resto and Thyme, but when the couple had a child and became busier, they decided to sell their TO operation. When their regulars from the Thai place got word that Thyme was still open, they traveled to Mississauga and expected Thai food -- so they kept it on the menu. Our server said, "it's the two cuisines you want the most anyways!" We tried some off both the menus and both cuisines were very delicious. We would definitely go back!

3 - Enzo's Two Guys From Italy

Don't you just love discovering a 32-year-old gem for the first time? Even better, isn't it great when your better-late-than-never discovery makes you realize you'll be back? Well Enzo's Two Guys From Italy is that place. Not the fanciest restaurant (it still has an 80s-style enclosed smoking glass cage), the food at the long-standing Streetsville resto is on point. We had stuffed sole, ravioli, and to top it off, deep dish pizza. It's only the second place we know that has it. The pizza was fresh, baked perfectly and the meat topping made it amazing! The dough was also super fresh.

2 - Leelas Roti 

Leelas Roti and Doubles is located in an unassuming plaza on Rathburn west. The chicken curry was flavourful and cooked to perfection. The chicken to potato ratio was great on the chicken side. The roti itself was so soft and the combination blended together perfectly. They also have some great specials, like $3 rotis on Tuesdays. Wednesdays are $3 chicken munch -- boneless chicken (dark meat) wrapped in a thin paratha. That is an entire meal under $5!  It's like living in the 90s again! Expect to stand in line at lunch though.

1 - El Jefe

One of Mississauga’s most highly anticipated restaurants has opened this week! It’s one of only three full-service Mexican restaurants in Mississauga and it’s called El Jefe, which translates to “the boss” or “the chief” in Spanish. The menu as described by Pablo as having many layers to it. For example the chicken chimichanga is “sweet, spicy and crunchy. It has a three-pepper roasted tomatillo (Mexican green tomato) that is seared off with olive oil and spices mixed with roasted garlic, roasted poblano and chipotle peppers that are pureed down to serve as the base of the dish. It is stuffed with seared chicken breast, spinach, roasted corn and cheese, deep fried and covered in a mango Pico de Gallo,” says Pablo. The menu also features table-side made guacamole and house-made flour tortillas, sauces and salsas. Pablo has incorporated three main cheeses throughout the menu, including Mexican queso fresco, Spanish manchego and American Monterey jack cheeses. The diverse, mouth-watering menu includes dishes such as ceviche, Corona-battered blooming onions, taquitos, baked empanadas, seven different tacos (chicken, fish, steak, calamari and more), burritos, carnitas, a signature beavertail taco and a classic Mexican sweet favourite - churros. 

5 pound burrito

5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga - April 30 to May 6

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