5 Hippie-Creative-Unique Date Ideas in Mississauga


Published August 14, 2015 at 5:30 pm


Are you planning generic dates? Is your go-to outing dinner and a movie? Do you think “spicing it up” means venturing to a park on a hot day to look at the off-leash dogs and matchy-matchy ash trees? 

You need to stop being unoriginal.

Dating should be fun. It’s about more than getting to know (or celebrate) someone. It’s about enjoying yourself with another person and creating new memories by embracing new experiences. 

We know it can be hard to plan something different when the safest options are almost always satisfying, but we don’t think that should stop you from branching out. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are five super-funky-hippie-cool date ideas. 

5) Vintage Sightseeing 

Walks and hikes are great for dates. They’re scenic, quiet and ideal for anyone on a budget. That said, a walk by the lake — though nice — isn’t terribly unique. If you want to pair sightseeing with people watching, head down to Benares Historic House in Clarkson on Clarkson Rd. N. The superbly vintage house feels like an authentic southern transplant with Georgian-style architecture and lush gardens that evoke a Bayou aesthetic. It’s all very Scarlett O’Hara and, if you pop by on a Friday, you might catch a folksy live performance. Even if you don’t dig the music or dirty south architecture, you’ll get to see something truly unique in the city. If you do like both, you can pretend you’re living in a different time and place entirely. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation (if you were taking vacations in the south during the civil war). 

4) An Arcade 

This suggestion isn’t just for couples of the nerdier persuasion. If you think back to your long-gone youth, what stands out? If you’re me, it’s air hockey. Well, that’s not the only thing that stands out about my wonder years (thankfully), but my memories of pre-Laser Quest air hockey matches are fond ones. I especially liked the glow in the dark pucks and tables. If you want to enjoy a little friendly competition and nostalgia with your date, embrace the pre-teen within and hit up Playdium for an afternoon. You can play old school video games or try go-karting, mini-golf, Water Wars (only for the chill-est of couples, as 99.9 per cent of people over 12 hate getting wet  anywhere that’s not a pool or shower) or bumper cars. 

3) Wine-Making 

Drinking together is fun. Making your drinks together? Possibly even more fun. If you’re both into wine (or even if just one of you is), it might be cool to head to The Wine Butler on Lakeshore to craft your own vino.  You get to choose one of 40 different wine varieties, create your concoction and, six to 10 weeks later (perfection takes time), you get to return to bottle and label your creation. Not only will the experience be fun, you get to save money, as you’re escaping the LCBO retail markup. 

2) Cooking Classes 

Food is huge and gourmet cooking has never been more in vogue. If you want to make something unique but simple, try a President’s Choice cooking class at a local Loblaws or Real Canadian Superstore. A skilled chef will teach you and your partner how to make everything from Asian and Mexican cuisine to appetizers and entrees to desserts. Some classes you can try include Easy Chinese Food (“easy” being the key term), Cupcake Mania (because cupcakes are manly) and Fun with Potatoes (because potatoes). After you and your mate have fun with root vegetables, you can work off your carb coma with each other. Also, women love a man who can make a beautiful plate of pad Thai. 

1) Tree Planting 

Sometimes it just feels good to give back. If you’re interested in the beautification of your city, the health of the earth and the workout the environmentally-friendly exercise will give your glutes and biceps, volunteering to plant trees as a loving twosome might be right for you. If you volunteer with the city, you can plant trees, improve trails and save pristine species from invasive plants. You get to learn, give back and enjoy some time in the sun. You’ll also get sexy dirt stains on your casual yet flattering gardening clothes. You might also get some soot and perspiration on your brow, which means you might have to shower later. Together. 

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