5 “Haunted” Conspiracy Theories That Exist In Mississauga

Published April 18, 2019 at 8:22 pm


Conspiracy theory. A two-word term that means a theory that explains an event or circumstance or object as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.

In this case, it’s ghosts and aliens.

Do ghosts and aliens exist in Mississauga? Here are 5 conspiracies to make you think that they just might.

5. Britannia Shack

A person took a walk through the valley in the woods and they stumbled upon something quite unusual. An old shack. Though the upper level has collapsed, they found lawn chairs and a workbench, which are clear signs that someone was using the lower level. There was also a chicken cage without any of the birds. Who was using this old broken-down shack? Many believe it could have been a man who died in the shack years before. The lawn chairs and workbench seem old now so it can be a clear sign of when this shack being used.

4. The Mysterious Fire of Hyde Mill

The Hyde Mill Ruins are located at 0 Ontario Street East in Streetsville, Mississauga. The ruins are of a one-storey stone and brick building that was constructed in about 1840. This building was the first building of John Hyde’s Ontario Mills and the first municipally-owned hydro-electric power plant. The success of Hyde’s Ontario Mills came to a halt when this mill was destroyed by a fire in 1867. Though, no one knows how the fire started. People say that Hyde still roams these walls due to this unknown fact. It was later revived in 1906 to become the first municipally-owned power plant and supplied Streetsville with hydro-electric power until 1943.  

3. The Old Willows Motel

The Old Willows Motel is located on Lakeshore Road in Mississauga. Many people resided at the motel when visiting the city. It was also the site of a two-alarm fire on September 8, 2010. The fire broke out just before 5 a.m. One motel unit was reported to be “totally engulfed” in flames at one point. And a guest was also sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. The motel never reopened and the official cause of the fire was never released, though the Peel Fire Department did investigate the fire. The motel still sits abandoned to this day.

2. Alien Sightings In Mississauga

There have been many alien sightings in Mississauga that have been reported. Many people report seeing a silver doughnut-shaped object in the sky while others see it as six orange balls of light. Some of the unusual sightings include someone spotting a large object that appeared to have a tail in the night sky on December 17, 2018. Another reported seeing a black ball hovering in the sky that changed into a square and disappeared on October 14, 2018. The last unusual sighting was of one individual seeing a red light that hovered over a building, then made a circle around it and turned green. Whatever these cases may be, we can’t rule out aliens as a cause for these incidents.

1. Sanford Farmhouse

There is a farmhouse at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue and Mavis Road. It is ruined and surrounded by trees and shrubs. Some of the inside of the house is recognizable, however, no one knows who this house belongs to. One strong possibility is that the house belongs to Martin Sandford and Sarah Jane Johnson. The couple lived in the late eighteenth century, making this house around two hundred years old. It is said that Sandford bought this farm and eventually passed it down to his grandson, Vincent Sandford. Vincent Sandford and his sister lived in that home until the end of their lives. They did not marry and so did not have children. The property ended up in the hand of a development company. After Vincent and his sister passed away, there were a series of mysterious fires that destroyed the barn and then the farmhouse, possibly at their hands to make sure no one lived in that house after them. 

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