5 Great Summer Parks in Mississauga

Published May 28, 2013 at 3:00 am


Mississauga is home to some of the most beautiful parks and if this at all shocks you, please put the TV remote down, grab your running shoes and take a walk down at least one of my top five.

5 – Kariya Park 

Kariya Park is located in the core of the City Centre by the southside of Square One on Kariya Drive and is considered on of the nicest and unique parks in Ontario . This park is truly an oasis away from everything. Just stroll into the Japanese gates and you’ll be transported to a serene Japanese garden encapsulated in a tranquil, harmonious atmosphere. The garden was built in honour of Mississauga’s sister city, Kariya, Japan and specifically designed with aesthetic  rhythm and balance in mind. If you work nearby, this peaceful space is a great place to bring your lunch where you will definitely ease the stresses of daily grind.

4.) Rattray Marsh

This hidden gem is in the heart of Clarkson with entrances to the trails in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. It’s so hidden that I felt like I was searching for freaking Narnia and everyone I asked for directions steered me wrong. However, when I finally did find the Rattray Marsh, it was so worth it. Never have I felt so much like I was back at my old home in Victoria, B.C., blanketed by this veil of nature. The plush, greenery of this forest trail made me feel like I was in another world, outside of Mississauga. Surrounded by nothing but trees, you really start to forget you’re still in the city!

Take a hike through this wooded wonderland; you won’t be disappointed.   

3.) Lakefront Promenade Park

Okay…so I’m not a kid anymore, but I’m still young at heart and this next place is a blast for the youngsters. Lake Promenade Park is a great place to bring the kids to cool off on a hot day. There’s a full splash pad waterpark that is sure to entertain your little monkeys on those hot summer days.

*Attention all Mom’s out there* -I know you work your asses off and trust me when you need a break, Lake Promenade (Waterworks) is a great place for your kids to burn some energy while you relax in the shade- you can thank me later.

Beside the splash pad is also a full park/play structure/sandbox…ahh splash pad then sandbox-every kids dream…

Take a little walk along the boardwalk and you will almost always find someone fishing, feeding the ducks, or sailing their miniature sailboats.

Listen for the sounds of the ice cream truck putting around the park as 9 times outta 10 there’s one lurking in the parking lot by the time you leave…smart little buggers.

2) Richard Memorial Park

Richard Memorial Park, located in Port Credit at 804 Lakeshore Rd. W., is a spacious waterfront park that boasts a small beach area, a trail, forested landscape and picnic areas. It’s ideal for taking outdoorsy shots and to take a stroll, as you can pose in the forested areas or on the quaint sandy beach. There are the picnic tables there so you can eat with your friends and family. If you are lucky, you might capture some disgruntled but beautiful wild swans in the background. Be sure to feed them small bits of bread for their trouble.

1.)   Lakeshore Harbor Front (Port Credit)

Walking the harbor front in old Port Credit always gives me this great nostalgic feeling. Maybe it’s because it has just been there forever but there is a feeling of comfort in seeing the old lighthouse; a staple in Port Credit.

Grab a latte from the corner Starbucks and take a little walk along the lake. Take a seat at one of the benches aside the water and just listen. I promise you that the sounds of the seagulls, the water, and the bustle of people will soothe you. It’s very calming. Our days are too fast paced so I love to come here to unwind and slow down.

  1. Port Credit Memorial Park
  2. Richard’s Memorial Park
  3. Lakefront Promenade
  4. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area
  5. Kariya Park
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