5 Fun Fall Date Ideas in Mississauga


Published October 15, 2015 at 9:58 pm


Fall seems to be almost everyone’s favourite time of year and it’s somewhat (only somewhat) easy to see why. In a perfect world, everyone would act right and agree that summer (especially in Canada) is the superior season. But we don’t live in a perfect world and some people prefer fall. In a way, it makes sense. It’s cold(er) out and traffic is worse, but you get to wear fun layered outfits, admire the multi-coloured scenery and eat starchy comfort foods. It’s a time to cuddle in front of faux-fires, make pumpkin-themed desserts and watch bizarre demon rapes on American Horror Story.

So, if you’re looking to spend some seasonally-appropriate quality time with a special someone this fall, here are a few autumn-themed ideas.

5) Visit a Haunted House

If you’re into Halloween (and you should be because celebrating it will keep you young), take your date to one of Mississauga’s many supposedly haunted homes, heritage sites or restaurants. We compiled a list of ghostly properties worth visiting on a spooky autumn night, and you can see our breakdown here and here. Even if you’re a realist who doesn’t care about lost specters wandering through historical gardens, you should be willing to suspend your disbelief for one chilly, spooky night of ghost-hunting. You can hold each other when the wind whistles and birds flock from the creepy, old-timey chimney. Some places to check out? Harding House, Adamson Estate, Benares House and Franklin House (where you can have a drink while listening for the tragic moans of lost souls).

4)  Catch a Jay’s Game at Celebration Square

Everyone and their brother is pumped about the Jays (and for good reason!). If you want to support a local team at a landmark local gathering spot with your local (or non-local, we don’t judge) date, hit up Celebration Square to watch all the playoff games. You can also catch games at local bars, including Failte, Coopers and more. If you head to Celebration Square, you can try (if the crowd isn’t too big) to snuggle on a blanket, adding a little romance to your intense and suspenseful outing.

3) Fun with Pumpkins

While Mississauga doesn’t have a pumpkin patch (tragic and unacceptable), you’ll be pleased to know that you can get pumpkins almost anywhere. Check out Whole Foods, Mississauga Greenhouses, Longo’sFood Basics and more for your myriad gourd needs. If you want to feel close to your partner, bake a delicious pumpkin pie together. You’ll bond while you scoop out the innards and seeds and you can even have your own Ghost moment while stirring spices into the mushy pumpkin gut puree. If you’re extra naughty (and artistic), you can carve a very pornographic and non-traditional Jack ‘O’ Lantern inspired by one of these dastardly creations. Do not click that link if you’re at work or near children or churchy peers. I’m serious. There’s edible penetration. You can also carve a traditional Jack ‘O’ Lantern with basic facial features and no smashable boobies. That’s fine too.

2) Go on a Fall Hike

The beauty of changing leaves is one of the hallmarks of fall and the impermanence of the colourful trees makes appreciating them all the more crucial.  If you want to grab some gorgeous photos and enjoy crisp air (savor it before it turns frigid), head to the Burnhamthorpe Trail, the Lake Wabukayne Trail, the Sheridan Creek Trail or the Waterfront Trail. You’ll get to see rich red and yellow leaves and feel them crunch beneath your feet while enjoying your date’s hand in yours. You can — and I say this with love — take some really sweet couple selfies. You’ll also get some refreshing outdoor exercise. Check out trail info here.

1)    Hit a Farmer’s Market Together

The couple who eats together stays together. As fall inches to completion and winter nears, the city’s seasonal farmer’s markets will close up shop and disappear until spring. If you want to grab some homegrown produce (especially apples and berries — they’re perfect for making some fall desserts together), check out the Lion’s Farmer’s Markets at Celebration Square and Robert Speck Parkway (open until Oct. 28) or the Herridge’s Farm Fresh Market on Southdown Rd. (this one runs until December). If you hit Herridge’s, you can grab some cider (perfect for fall) and various fruits, veggies, eggs and baked goods. Take your purchases to a quiet park and enjoy a chilly picnic with thick fleece blankets and lots of cuddling.

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