5 Father's Day Ideas in Mississauga


Have you picked a Father's Day present yet? Or worse, did you forget?

We tend to ignore Father's Day, mostly because dads are like the underdogs.

And, because dads are mostly busy working, their special day should be all about pampering them.

Some quiet time with dad is always the best, no?

So, if you haven't bought a present yet, you can still plan a day around him. Or maybe even a whole weekend!

Here's what you can do.

For the outdoorsy dad

You can go camping or head down one of the many trails for a hike or go biking. If you'd rather let dad relax, a walk in the park never did anyone any harm. Take lots of pictures too! 

But if you're looking for something more focused, you could go bird watching at Riverwood Conservancy and join birders Luc Fazio and Dan Salisbury for a spring-bird-watching hike. Or get to know about the medicinal and culinary properties of the herbs and trees you pass along the way with Midsummer Herb Walk.

For the beer-loving dad

If beer is dear to daddy dearest, pop open some suds. Father's Day weekend is also the end of the Ontario Craft Beer Week, so you can attend Old Credit Brewing Company's annual Father's Day BBQ and Tasting. You can never go wrong with beer and BBQ!

When: Saturday, June 16; between 1 - 4 p.m.

If you don't mind a trip to Toronto, there's the Big Rock Father's Day Brewery Crawl - a bus full of beer-drinking dad hopping from one brewery to the next. More information is on their website.

When: Saturday, June 16; between 12 - 6 p.m.

Or nerd out over the beer-making process at Etobicoke's Big Rock Brewery. Tours take place every Saturday between 1 - 4 p.m.

For the festival-goer dad

If your dad loves any event in the city and digs a day out, you can stop by a festival over the weekend. And more importantly, have you ever met anyone who doesn't appreciate free stuff? The Mississauga Waterfront Festival will have carnival rides, food, live entertainment and games. You can get a chance to be a kid again or win some prizes (give them to him as a present!) your father could boast about. But if trying out different meats is more your dad's style, then head over to the Mississauga Halal Food Festival to indulge.

For the artsy dad

Classical music, gorgeous photographs, paintings, artifacts, theatre - if all this gets your dad excited, you're in luck! Well, you could always take a casual trip to the museum or art gallery. But, on Friday you can catch a performance at the Benares House's annual On the Verandah series. Ambiance Singers, a group of women who sing jazz, blues, country, pop, show tunes and gospel songs will be performing this year.

Or you can take a trip to the Art Gallery of Mississauga to view two exhibits on display. The first is a photography exhibit portraying the physical indicators of female emotions. And, the second is a performance art exhibit showcasing the South Asian culture of dowry.

For the foodie dad

Brunch shouldn't be limited to Mother's Day. Head out to one of the many brunch spots in the city. Or head to a cool patio for some grub and drinks. Or may be a fancy dinner with some wine is more your style. 

So, how are you planning to spend time with your dad? 

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