5 Drive-in Movie Theatres Just Outside Mississauga

Looking for a laid back way to spend a summer evening? Grab your blankets and popcorn and pull up to a drive-in movie theatre!

These theatres just outside of Mississauga boast large screens, ample parking, and a variety of movie options. Be sure to bring cash, because some of these theatres are cash-only!

Here are five drive-in movie theatres just outside of Mississauga.

5) The Docks
Located on Cherry Street in Toronto on the water at Polson Pier, The Docks boasts two screens featuring first-run, double-bill movies. Adult tickets are $15 on Fridays and Saturdays, while tickets for children under 12 are $5. On Sundays, it’s $25 a carload! This weekend, they’re playing new, popular films like Cars 3 and Wonder Woman.

4) Can View Drive-In
Located a little further out in Fonthill near Niagara, Can View Drive-In’s box office opens at 8 p.m. They play new movies - from June 30 until July 6, their four screens will be featuring movies like The Mummy and Baywatch. Their General Admission is $11, and they have special discounts if you watch four features from dusk to dawn for $13, discount Tuesdays for $6, and carload Thursdays for $15 per carload.

3) Mustang Drive-in Guelph
Mustage Drive-in is located in Guelph boasts a $13 general ticket price and a loaded snack bar, complete with hot dogs, cheese fries, and of course, popcorn. They play movies seven days a week, kicking off their summer lineup with Despicable Me 3, The Mummy, and 47 Metres Down. Not sure who to go with? You can even bring your dog on a leash!

2) Stardust Drive-in
In Newmarket, Stardust’s box office opens at 7 p.m. and general tickets are $12. This place scream vintage - even their website boasts a truly retro vibe. Currently, they’re playing movies like Transformers: The Last Knight, Wonder Woman, and Baby Driver, to name a few. They’ll also be playing the latest Spider-Man re-vamp come July 7.

1) 5 Drive-In
Conveniently located in Oakville, the 5 Drive-In is a sister drive-in to the Stardust, under the Premier Drive-ins umbrella company, playing the same movies with the same admission prices and a similar website - but closer to home. Their screens are roughly the same size as an IMAX screen! 5 Drive-in is featured in our cover photo, courtesy of their Facebook page.

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