5 Different Pizza Types & Where to Get Them In Mississauga

Published May 13, 2016 at 6:18 pm


It’s often been said that there’s no such thing as a bad slice of pizza — only a mediocre Differone.  Fortunately for everyone in Mississauga, the city boasts some exceptional pizza that’s far from mediocre. There’s also a ton of variety.

Whether you’re in the mood for a deep dish pie, a Neapolitan pizza or a New Jersey-style slice, the city has got you covered.

Here are five different types of pizza you can get in Mississauga (and the best place for each):


(Middle Eastern Pizza)

Best place to get it:

Manakeesh is sold in a few places in Mississauga, but no resto has it sold it with more consistency than Paramount Fine Foods. Sometimes called the Middle Eastern pizza, the flatbread is typically topped with zaatar, melted cheese or both (but there are a lot more variations). Other toppings from Paramount include beef, beef and cheese, labneh with zaatar, mortadella with cheese, spinach with cheese, chicken with cheese and spicy chicken. My go-to is always the original zaatar with melted cheese!

New Jersey-Style

Best place to get it: Pizza Nostra 

Nostra means “our” in Italian and the resto’s name translates to “Our Pizza.”  Their specialty is New Jersey style pizza and hoagies.  What makes Jersey-style pizza different from the rest is the crust. Notable for its crispy and chewy texture, it takes eight minutes to cook in Nostra’s stone ovens. The Grande brothers make all of their ingredients from scratch, from the cured meats to the sauce and dough used for both the pizza and hoagies. Many of the ingredients, including the cheese and meat, are hand-cut. 

Deep Dish

Best place to get it: Mickey’s Pizza

If you’re in Streetsville: Enzo’s two Guys From Italy

The only pizza joint that has been visited by “You Gotta Eat Here” is Mickey’s Pizza, and with good reason. Mickey’s is located in Clarkson in a small and unassuming plaza. Just look out for their mascot — a giant inflatable green dragon perched on top of the building. Mickey’s serves traditional pizzas plus what they call a “Killer King,” which is a deep dish Chicago-style pizza for the hungry Chi Town-style pizza lover. They use the best ingredients possible. The dough is made in-house and they use ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and cook their meat right on the grill before it goes into your pizza.

Authentic Neapolitan

(Wood Oven Pizza)

Best place to get it: 

Goodfellas Pizza, located in Streetsville, was the first restaurant to offer authentic Neapolitan wood oven pizza in Mississauga. True Neapolitan pizza constitutes key components, including specific ingredients, preparation, and cooking techniques. It is made from wheat flour known as Italian dopio zero flour, and the pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven at temperatures above 900 degrees Fahrenheit. And it’s quite a sight to see your personal Neapolitan pizza being cooked, right before your eyes, in 90 seconds flat.  The menu consists of a variety of authentic pizzas, including the margherita pizza, which is topped with San Marzano sauce, mozzarella fiore di latte, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Stone Baked 

Best place to get it: Amadio’s Pizza

Located in the most hidden plaza in Port Credit is Amadio’s Pizza and they are committed to baking the best classic Italian-style pizza. All of their pizzas are handmade and stone oven-baked using only the finest and freshest ingredients — which are prepared daily in their open kitchen (including their trans fat-free dough). The same owners have been operating Amadio’s since 1990.

  1. Mickey’s Pizza
  2. Paramount Fine Foods
  3. Amadio’s Pizza
  4. Goodfellas Pizza
  5. Pizza Nostra
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