5 Date Ideas for a Cheap Baller in Mississauga

Published November 6, 2015 at 4:15 pm


So, you decided to ask that girl you’ve been eying at work/school/on Tinder out on a date and you’re low on funds. You could be saving up for a down payment on a house, owe money to the tax man or are just straight up broke because you would rather play the lotto than work. Whatever the case, I’m here to save you a few bucks and make you look like the player you are.  

5 -Pho at Pho Do Thi: 

I can picture it now: you’re a white Anglo Saxon man from Port Credit and you finally mustered up the courage to ask that cute Vietnamese girl from your accounting course at UTM out. Here is your chance to show her how worldly you are. Head down to Pho Do Thi and order two spring rolls, two large #208’s (rare beef and beef ball pho) and top it off with a couple avocado milkshakes. I’m telling you mang, follow my advice and she will be all over you. 

4 – Sushi and Champagne: 

Your girl is coming over and you need to impress her, as it’s your second date. That meal at Pho Do Thi really floored her and you have to keep that momentum going. First things first, head down to see our friends at Magnotta on Dixie south of Dundas. Get two bottles of sparkling wine and put that on ice, quick. Next, head over to Oceans or Eastgate to pick up a large sushi platter to go (trust me it’s the cheapest sushi around). Remove it from the packaging and place it on a nice serving dish to show off your culinary skills. Next thing you know, she will be thinking you are a “9 lord” ready to rival Drake in the 6ix.  

3. Hakka and Plane Spotting: 

Now it’s date number three and you have to be creative to keep her on her toes. If you ask me, spicy Hakka cuisine and a massive Airbus flying 50 feet overhead should do the trick!  Head over to Asian Wok & Roll on the corner of Airport and Derry and get an order of Chilli Chicken and Hakka Chow Mein. Drive behind the Country Style and eat your grub before the 380 from Dubai descends just feet above your head.  

2 – Adonis in the Park:

All this diverse grub impresses your girl, but you have to show her that you’re not all bubble tea and pho. You have to switch it up in a way that shows your exotic culinary tastes and appreciation for nature. Here is what you do: head to Adonis and get some Egyptian feta, grapes, fresh made in-house pita and hummus. Pick up a couple French desserts and a bottle of Perrier before you leave the store. Now find a nice spot on the Credit for your picnic. Set this date up and she will think you are smoother than Nazem Kadri at a Lebanese beauty pageant.  

1 – Samosas and a Stroll:

So, it’s a beautiful day outside in Mississauga and you want to spend some time with your girl outdoors. Head down to any Indian grocer in the city and pick up some samosas (which are three for a dollar). Park your car just off Dalton Place and stroll around like you own the place! Eat that handheld spicy goodness while checking out a future house for you and your trap queen, living large like Fetty Wapp & The Remy boys, 1738. 


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