5 Best Indoor Soccer Cities & How Mississauga Stacks Up


I love adult indoor soccer as much as I love succulent stewed octopus in a red wine sauce with fresh Portuguese crusty bread! I love it more than Nicki Minaj in a pair of batty riders, an ice cold IPA from Failte and the ribs from RD’s BBQ. I basically like it a lot. 

So, let's just say my knowledge of the beautiful game is rather impressive. As such, I have graciously put together the top five cities for indoor soccer in the GTA.  

1. Mississauga Sportszone:

Home field: Mississauga Sportszone

I have reached legend status at this place as a goal keeper to the stars! I have played on multiple teams where I was the only guy who didn’t speak Arabic, Kurdish, Jamaican Patois, Punjabi, Farsi or Spanish. That goes to show you the amount of teams who frequent the facility. The boys at Goalazo can help you with all your soccer needs at great prices and the bar upstairs is perfect for a pint after the game.  

2. Brampton

Home field: Brampton Soccer Centre

I have played many games at this spot and the facilities are amazing and the actual quality of play is high. The pickup games are legendary and can get very competitive. I once saw a fight break out over a free kick that ended with one player in a Ronda Rousey arm bar! I will never forget those late night games against the boys from Punjab FC and how they led to many beers being slammed at the local pub. The only thing missing from this spot is an on-site pub. 

The score: Mississauga 5 - Brampton 4 

3. Toronto

Home field: Hangar

The Hangar is one of the first indoor soccer spots in the GTA and has seen plenty of action over the years. It's so old school that middle-age Italians who moved from Downsview to Woodbridge still play there, along with teams comprised of people from all over the world. The play here can get rough and is not for lightweights. Also, don't expect the same kind of fashion show you've come to expect at Sportzone. Leave your Acqua Di Gio at home and bring the Axe body spray. 

The score: Mississauga 7 - Toronto 5 

4. Woodbridge

Home field: Woodbridge Ontario Soccer Centre

How can the land of Diesel jeans, nonnas, nonnos and Azzuri jerseys not be on the list of great places to play indoor soccer in the GTA? This spot has been around for a minute and used to be infamously known as “Coffee Time.” This spot is in the middle of “Old Woodbridge” and is not that far from Rexdale. As such, you get a great mix of Italian teams, West Indian teams and random people from Humber College and York University. Fun fact: I once met Ben Johnson here and unfortunately made an ass of myself (after a couple of Birra in the lounge after a game) when I proclaimed that he was “STILL THE GREATEST POLE VAULTER IN THE WORLD TO ME!”  

The score: Mississauga 8 - Woodbridge  6 

5. Milton

Home field: Milton's Jean Vanier Indoor Soccer Dome

Ahhh Milton, you and I go way back. Based on my article last year, I fear I am now the most hated man in the city. But that won’t stop me from travelling in from Peel to school all of you Miltonians in the soccer dome. This spot is pretty good, but the playing level varies and, to be honest, many travel to Mississauga to get their footie on. As such, Milton has to step up their indoor soccer game.   

The score: Mississauga 12 - Milton 2

Honorable mention to the ghosts that lurk at the now closed Soccer City by Centennial Park in Etobicoke. This place was crazy with hockey boards, drunken players and straight up wild men! 

This place closed a couple years back and stunk like an open sewer in Liberia, but I have a lot of memories from that spot! 



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