5 Amazing Places for a Guys’ Weekend Getaway Outside Brampton

Published March 9, 2018 at 9:35 pm

Guys just want to have fun! That’s how the song goes, right?

Fine, you’re right, it doesn’t. We’ve talked about epic places for a girls’ weekend getaway, and now, it’s the guys’ turn. 

Whether you’re looking for a spot to destress with the boys, explore a brewery, or cheer at a sports game, there are tons of places you can go both inside and outside of Brampton for an awesome guys’ adventure. Now, admittedly, I’m not a guy but I talked to a few guys to help craft this special list.

So if you’re out of ideas or just starting to plan your escape, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five amazing places for a guys’ weekend getaway outside of Brampton.

5) Collingwood

Learn about and drink beer at a trendy and cool brewery, hit the slopes, the town, and even the spa at Blue Mountain, or challenge yourself at a Georgian Bay biking trail in the fall or summer – Collingwood is roughly two hours from the city and offers artistic and cultural events, parks and trails that are perfect for hiking and sightseeing with your crew. It’s definitely a brewery hotspot so you can grab a few cold ones. Check out Creemore Springs, The Collingwood Brewery, and Northwinds Brewery for starters. This trip is for the hipster guys, because if you’re a true hipster dude, you will want to cross having craft beer at a brewery off of your bucketlist.

4) Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is quickly becoming Ontario’s newest vacation destination hotspot and it has a little something for everyone. It’s scenic and quiet, perfect for relaxing, but there are also activity options. If you’re into libations, it offers a ton of wineriesbreweries and cideries that you can tour. The area isn’t too far outside of the city – about two-and-half hours or so – so it’s perfect for a chill day trip or a weekend away from the city with your best boys. Prince Edward County is also extra special because you can tour 66 Gilead Distillery  aka. Kinsip House of Fine Spirits, where you can taste craft whiskey, gin, and even rum if you’re looking for spirits or liquor in the heart of the County. Best of all, it’s located on an 80-acre farm. This trip is best for the guys who want to enjoy their liquor with a dash of exploration and adventure on the side.

3) Nordik Spa

Looking for a quaint weekend with your closest friends where you can get a massage and a pedicure with no judgement? Ten minutes from Ottawa in Chelsea, QC., is where you’ll find the Nordik Spa. Road trip to Quebec for the relaxing atmosphere here. Massages, saunas, cold pools, and gourmet food await – check out the Panorama Lounge that’s complete with crackling fireplaces and a group-friendly atmosphere for deep talks about your new s/o, or to hash out your latest entrepreneurial ideas, and you can share wine and meat and cheese plates, too. This place also hosts activities now and again – for example, snowshoeing under the stars is a popular one. Whichever services you book, keep in mind that there’s another major bonus in planning a guys’ trip to the Nordik Spa – you could expand your friend group, because there are often other guys there for a getaway. And if you need to feel a little more “masculine” you can pride yourself on the fact that this place is in the middle of the woods – a true lumberjack’s adventure.

2) Buffalo, N.Y.

If you’re willing to make the trip across the border, good ol’ Buffalo N.Y. is just about two hours away – you know, the city you see on the other side of Niagara Falls? Whether you’re looking to gain a new perspective on the falls or just stuff yourself at the delicious restaurants in Buffalo, it’s a good choice for a group of guys who want to road trip to New York without all the bells and whistles. Buffalo has some classic taverns you can scope out, plus fun nightlife options complete with live music and entertainment. If you’re there during hockey season, perhaps make a trip out of an away game for the Leafs – catch a Sabres vs. Leafs game in Buffalo. It’s cheaper than a Leafs’ game in Toronto, but you’ll have to book a hotel room the night before, since a ton of Leafs fans head to Buffalo on game day. Grab your boys, stay overnight, avoid the rush, and maybe go drinking and exploring the night before.

1) Back Country Tours – Muskoka & Haliburton

If you and your boys are looking for a weekend that screams fun and adventure, book a weekend getaway with Back Country Tours Inc. You can stay at a cozy resort, cottage, or inn in Muskoka & Haliburton area, like Hidden Valley Resort of Deerhurst Resort, both in Huntsville, or even a Lakeside or Trailside cottage, perfect for barbecues, beers, and chillage with your adventure. As for the tours themselves, you can get down and dirty with epic ATV tours for a half day, or even just two hours. During the winter you can rent snowmobiles and go exploring, too. You’re guaranteed to be covered in mud or snow – just don’t forget to take a pic for the ‘gram to prove it. If you want to go even further into the middle of nowhere, you can even ride your ATV to a secluded lake or campsite for a real back country adventure. Can you say adrenaline rush?

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