401 Section of Mississauga To Be Widened

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Published April 15, 2016 at 5:32 pm


How much do you hate the 401?

If the answer is “a lot,” it might soon be, “a little.” According to a recent Canadian Press article, the Ontario government is set to widen a four-kilometre stretch of the busy highway in Mississauga. The affected stretch will now be 12 lines wide rather than six.

The Canadian Press reports that Premier Kathleen Wynne says the project will cost $81 million and should be completed by 2019. The affected area will run from Hurontario to Credit River and offer drivers two high-occupancy lanes.

So while some will certainly grumble about the expenditure by the famously cash-strapped government, few could reasonably argue that the jam-packed highway isn’t in need of expansion. The project, when it’s complete, should (ideally, at least) make life easier for some local commuters. 

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In Mississauga, the car is king. While we’re one of the biggest cities in the country, our disparate hubs are far apart and, sometimes, the bus just doesn’t cut it. Because everyone and their brother has a car, we have to deal with some brutally congested intersections that suffer (and make us suffer) during rush hour and construction periods.

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