33 trucks yanked from the highway after joint-forces inspection in Lincoln


Published June 9, 2023 at 1:21 pm

When four policing agencies and the Town of Lincoln pooled their resources yesterday (June 8) to inspect trucks “intentionally” bypassing the QEW inspection stations at Vineland, some 33 trucks were instantly yanked off the highway.

The partners – Lincoln, Niagara Police, Halton Police, Niagara Parks Police and the Ministry of Transportation – were responded to residents’ concerns that trucks were using the roads in Lincoln and West Lincoln to get off the highway and then get back on just past the inspection stations.

In the end, over 150 vehicles (passenger and commercial) were pulled off the town road and sent directly to the Vineland Inspection Station.

More than half – 82 vehicles total – were then comprehensively inspected by the joint force with 33 vehicles being yanked off the highway instantly “after significant safety concerns were identified.”

As well, police say three sets of licence plates were instantly seized and 17 tickets were issued for various offences including: failing to conduct daily inspection logs, failing to ensure daily inspection logs are conducted properly, insecure commercial motor vehicle load, and failing to meet commercial motor vehicle performance standards.

“The focus of this initiative was to identify commercial motor vehicles intentionally bypassing the Vineland Inspection Station and to conduct in-depth vehicular inspections to ensure compliance with road safety standards, as legislated by the Province of Ontario,” said Niagara Police.

Members of the public wishing to report traffic complaints are encouraged to contact their Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) by telephone at 905-688-4111, option #3, extension #1025555 or by email at trafficcomplaints@niagarapolice.ca

Below are more photos from yesterday’s inspection, including a tire that’s torn apart.

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