3 streets where speed cameras are catching the most drivers in Mississauga


Published March 24, 2022 at 11:44 am

Mississauga officials say the speed enforcement cameras being used to nab lead-footed drivers racing through and near school zones across the city are doing their job.

But the results, they add, are also indicative of troublesome road safety behaviour.

Since the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera program was launched in 2021 in Mississauga, numbers show that between last July and the end of December, 5,322 speeding tickets were issued at a dozen community safety and school zones targeted for enforcement, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said at this morning’s (March 24) media briefing.

“Drivers are slowing down; the cameras are working,” she added. “While I’m extremely happy that the presence of our speed cameras is changing the driving behaviour of some people, I’m very concerned that so many residents are continuing to speed.”

Crombie noted the numbers show an average of about 450 speeding tickets issued per location. Each location has a posted speed limit of 30 km/h.
“That’s a staggering number and greatly worrisome, especially because these areas are where so many children and families walk to and from school and playgrounds.”

Speeding tickets were issued, via mail, in the greatest numbers at the following locations:

  • Colonial Dr. (between Garthwood and Orleans Rds., from Nov. 27 to Dec. 31): 1,081 tickets, with 69 km/h being the highest ticketed speed (30 km/h maximum zone)
  • Mississauga Valley Blvd. (between Voltaire Cr. and Silver Creek Blvd., from Aug. 10 to Sept. 20): 936 tickets, with 73 km/h being the highest ticketed speed
  • Whitehorn Ave. (between Weir Chase and Pickwick Dr., Aug. 10 to Sept. 20): 772 tickets, with 71 km/h being the highest ticketed speed

Despite those numbers, City officials note that each of those three areas, in addition to numbers across Mississauga, show that compliance with the speed limits is on the rise.

Among those ticketed for speeding, 451 were repeat offenders, officials say, noting one registered vehicle owner received eight tickets.

“It was surprising to see the number of repeat offenders and drivers speeding more than twice the posted speed limit in school zones where there are students and children present,” said Geoff Wright, the City’s transportation and works commissioner.

He also noted that the program has been a success to date.

“So far, we’ve seen a significant drop in speeding and increased compliance in areas with an Automated Speed Enforcement camera,” said Wright.

Mississauga officials initially hoped all 22 ASE cameras would be up and running in Community Safety Zones by this past December, but the rollout has been delayed.

A map on the City’s website of current locations of active enforcement cameras shows they are targeting speeding drivers at 13 locations across Mississauga.

Eventually, the plan is to have all 22 cameras active and rotating between various speeding hotspots across the city. Residents will be notified of camera locations prior to their deployment.

“All ASE sites will be marked with clear signs 90 days before the cameras are installed, and while they are in operation,” City officials say on their website.

Speeders caught on camera have offence tickets mailed to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner.

Mississauga launched the ASE program early last year, starting with two cameras that rotated to various speeding hotspots in the city.

The ASE cameras were first set up in Community Safety Zones in Malton and Erin Mills in early July.

Nearly 500 speeding tickets were issued at the two spots–Morning Star Dr. in Malton and Sawmill Valley Dr. in Erin Mills–in a one-month span.

In a report from 2020, City staff estimated that 22 ASE cameras would generate 160,000 charges annually.


Map on City of Mississauga website shows current locations of 13 ASE cameras across the city.

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