Niagara homeowners might want to check your furnace

Published November 1, 2022 at 4:08 pm

Mr. Furnace, a local heating and air conditioning company, is currently offering a $99 diagnostic special – they believe something as important as getting your furnace checked shouldn’t be a financial headache.

We’re only about a month away from December, which means now’s the perfect time to get your furnace checked before the cold winter weather.

Aside from the obvious benefit of making sure you and your family stay warm over the winter months, checking your furnace regularly could also be a lifesaver (literally!) if something goes wrong with your furnace and puts your safety in jeopardy.

That’s why Mr. Furnace, a local heating and air conditioning company, is currently offering a $99 diagnostic special – they believe something as important as getting your furnace checked shouldn’t be a financial headache.

“While we take for granted the idea of having a giant, fuel-burning machine running endlessly in our basements, furnaces require proper inspection and maintenance at regular intervals to ensure safety for a household’s occupants,” says the St. Catharines company, which serves all of Niagara Region.

There are several key reasons to make sure you’re getting your furnace checked at least once a year:

Avoid a situation where your furnace isn’t working or heating properly during winter.

We all know just how cold it can get here in the Great White North, with winter temperatures regularly dipping into the minus 20s or 30s when factoring in windchill. When it gets that cold, fuzzy sweaters and slippers can only do so much if the air around you isn’t adequately heated.

Be proactive – prepare your furnace for winter by checking it now to see if any repair work or preventative maintenance work needs to be done. Your home will stay toasty warm and your family will thank you!

Mitigate potentially deadly risks.

Carbon monoxide leaks are one of the most underestimated risks when it comes to a family’s well-being, but they can easily be avoided by checking your furnace regularly and catching any potential issues before they become a threat. When you pay for a furnace inspection, you’re buying safety and peace of mind for your whole family.

“Furnace maintenance is not a luxury nor is it a convenience, it’s a lifesaver,” says the team at Mr. Furnace.

You’ll end up saving money in the long run.

While the initial cost of a check-up might put some residents off from getting their furnace checked, it’s far outweighed by the cost of repair that’ll need to be paid if something goes wrong with the furnace. Not only do regular check-ups prevent the need for future repairs, but they also keep a furnace running smoothly year-round for optimal performance and energy savings.

With that said, how can you check if there’s an issue with your furnace and it might need to be repaired?

Thankfully, it’s not a guessing game. There are many common signs that something may be wrong with your furnace:

  • Uneven heating throughout different rooms in your home
  • Loud, uncommon sounds coming from the furnace itself
  • Thermostat functionality issues
  • Difficulty heating your home effectively on the coldest days of the year
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Changes in cycling patterns

For an expert opinion, call Mr. Furnace and they’ll send an experienced technician to your home to check your furnace and see if repairs are in order.

They’re currently offering a $99 diagnostic special for residents who are looking to get their furnace checked.

Established in 1978, Mr. Furnace has over 40 years of experience in everything related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning – essentially, making sure homes stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

They’re also experienced in water purification and have expanded their services to offer plumbing as well.

Mr. Furnace is a Lennox Premier Dealer, working as a trusted service partner for the installation, maintenance and repair of all Lennox-branded premier home comfort products.

Known for their high customer satisfaction, the company offers 24/7/365 residential service for all furnace issues such as problems with heat pumps, pilot lights or ignition, clogged filters, lack of airflow, leaky ducts, mould, inaccurate thermostat, and more.

That means, even in a worst-case scenario, you’ll never have to wait out a cold night with a broken furnace – simply call Mr. Furnace and get help right away.

Contact Mr. Furnace at 289-271-1965 or via their online contact form. Let the guys in the green trucks save you big bucks!

For the latest updates and promotional offers, check out Mr. Furnace’s website and Facebook.

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