3 Month Review: Pepper Walk

Published February 25, 2016 at 6:13 pm


First Impression:
Pepperwalk is new Asian fusion restaurant located in Heartland Town Centre and it calls itself “Mississauga’s Halal fine dining”. Very bright, airy and modern, the space was about half full when we arrived around 8 pm on a Friday night and quickly filled up with couples, energetic families and boisterous groups of friends ready to celebrate the end of the week. 

We were greeted quickly and shown to our choice of the unoccupied tables and we settled in to see what Pepper Walk would have to offer us. 

The Good: 

Pepper Walk claims their cuisine is a “fusion of flavours” and I’m here to say that it is indeed true.  The flavours and aromas of the food we tried were incredible:  intense, heady with fragrance and oh so good. Add to that, very attentive and helpful servers and the experience is sure to please.

The Unique:

With such a diverse and eclectic menu, there is definitely something here for everyone.  From soups, nachos, quesadillas, salads and sandwiches to burgers, Tikkas, curries, chicken and steak, regardless of where your appetite lies when you visit, there’s something to tickle your tastebuds and tantalize your senses. 

What they can improve on:

The Pepper Walk website allows you go to on-line and make a reservation, however, when we arrived, they were not aware that we had done so.  Because the restaurant was not full, we were able to get a table but I would have been very disappointed if it had been full and we were turned away.  The other thing that needs a little work is timing.  Our appetizer arrived at the table and before we had a chance to dig in – because it was piping hot! – our main courses arrived. We needed to rush through the delicious appetizer and didn’t have much of a chance to savour it in order that our mains were not cold when we got to them.  If they just slowed down a little, it would improve the experience.   

What we tried:

For drinks, we both ordered a Virgin Mojito ($5) and were pleased with how fresh and minty they were.  Spiked with a hit of lime, a ton of fresh mint and slightly sweet, they were refreshing and tasty to whet our palates for what was to come. 

For appetizers, we decided to share the Crispy Fried Shrimp Tempura ($12) and were delighted when 6 gigantic fried shrimp arrived.  I’m not sure I’d call them tempura shrimp since that usually has a light a flaky crust; these had a tasty battered exterior that was a little softer and allowed the perfect pop of expertly cooked shrimp to come through.  Did I mention that they were huge?  Paired with a smoky, spicy aioli, it was delicious.

For our main entrees, we got the Dhunwa Gosht special curry ($18) with smoked, boneless mutton and onion, tomato, fresh herbs and spices.  The mutton (lamb) was moist and tender and not entirely boneless but that added to the overall flavour.  The complex curry sauce was spiced deliciously with green cardamom pods and the aroma was intoxicating!   It was fresh and delicious, not heavy like some curries, and had a pleasantly light lingering burn but not overly hot.  On the side, a rice pilaf ($3.50), with each grain separate and distinct and it was a wonderful meal. The Roghni Naan arrived so crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside with black sesame seeds adding a nice crunch and we had to order more ($1.50) to dip into the curry sauce.

Based on a recommendation from our server, I decided to have the Chicken Malai Tikka ($14) and was glad that I did.  Tender, moist cubes of chicken cured in yogurt and aromatic spices were served with a tomato chutney spiked with cilantro and a mint aioli, both perfect for dipping.   The accompanying biryani rice was perfumed with cinnamon and saffron and I didn’t want to stop breathing in the intoxicating aroma.  The fresh crisp salad with creamy dressing was the perfect accompaniment on the plate. 

For dessert, we ordered the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake ($7.00) and while it was good with a deep chocolate flavour and moist cake, the centre was not molten enough as expected.  Next time, I’ll try the home made cheesecake instead.

Final Thoughts: 

I can’t remember the last time that we had a meal as flavourful with such intense fragrant aromas that still has us talking about it days later.  I’d recommend trying this restaurant if you’re looking for something different and special.  It is truly an experience to be remembered … until the next time we visit .. and we’ll definitely be returning the first chance we get!

Quick Facts:

Seats: 90+
Patio: No
Licensed: No
Type of Restaurant: Full service

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