3 Month Review: Kobe Sizzlers

Published February 17, 2016 at 10:07 pm


First Impression: 
If we didn’t know where we were going, it would be easy to miss this restaurant tucked away in a little plaza along Britannia and that would be a shame! 

When we arrived on a frigid Friday night, the restaurant was lively and bustling with lots of smiling, happy, party-ready folks!  We were greeted warmly as soon as we entered and shown to a table very quickly.  It seemed that the small restaurant made every effort to accommodate reservations and walk-ins alike – couples like us, foursomes and huge parties – by rearranging the tables as necessary to fit everyone.  As such, the servers seemed a little disjointed at the beginning – we waited what seemed like a long time and then had to ask for menus – but once they found their stride, everything evened out.  

The Good: 

“I loved that one of the owners came to our table and asked if we’d been there before.”

Since it was our first visit, he took the time to point out some suggestions on the menu and explain how the sizzling platters worked.  He came back periodically to make sure that everything was to our liking.  We also found the servers to be very attentive and it didn’t really matter who was actually attending to us; others would stop by the table and ask if everything was okay or clear dishes.  We felt very well cared for and welcomed.

The Unique: 

Sizzlers are cast iron platters on which the food is layered and they arrive at the table sizzling and steaming hot.  The vegetables go on first and then whatever protein is chosen is laid on top.  How about rethinking the way we normally eat and start with dessert?  That’s what I would have liked to do when our Sizzling Brownie ($11.49) arrived after our mains were done. 

“It was a moist, dense, deep chocolate brownie on a cast iron plate, topped with scoops of vanilla and butterscotch ice cream. “

On the side, rich chocolate sauce.  Our surprise?  When the chocolate sauce was poured over the ice cream and brownie, it started sizzling on the plate and the aroma of chocolate that surrounded us was simply divine!  I can hardly describe the decadent taste other than to say “yum!”   

What they can improve on: 

Dinner was good,  but two things come to mind for improvements.  My preference for steak is to have it cooked medium-rare.  When ordering, he was told he could either have it rare or medium but not somewhere in between.  He chose rare as to not take the chance that medium would be overcooked and it was indeed very rare.  Offering more options like medium rare or medium well would be beneficial.  We also thought that while the Sizzling Brownie was delicious, it could be upped a notch if the quality of the ice cream was a little higher. 

What we tried: 

For drinks, we opted for something from the mocktails menu. We chose the Strawberry Citrus Twist ($4.99), a fresh mix of strawberries and lime which was very refreshing.  I opted for the Kobe Cooler ($4.99), a blend of lemon and blue curacao that tasted exactly like a blue popsicle and since I love blue popsicles, it was tasty!

For appetizers, we tried the hot and sour soup ($4.75).  It had a lime undertone that made the freshness of the finely shaved vegetables stand out. While it did not have a strong sour note, it was hot, hot, hot – the kind of hot that sits on your lips and stays in your mouth for a very long time.  Definitely not for the faint of heat or spice!

I picked the chicken pakoras ($7.99) and was surprised when 10 little balls of fried deliciousness packed with onions, garlic and ginger landed on the table.  They were served with Szechuan sauce – yes, hot again and I asked to sample their garlic sauce on the side.  The garlic sauce was tasty with a great texture that coated your tongue and sent you back for more. 

For our mains, we had the Beef Steak Sizzler ($29.48) topped with a fried egg ($1.49).  The platter arrived with a layer of vegetables: onion, cabbage, carrots, green beans, corn, peppers, greens and mushrooms, all tender crisp and topped by the steak and a generous serving of mashed potatoes to absorb the tasty pepper sauce.  The steak continued to cook on the cast iron platter, which helped to turn it to more of the medium rare that Bobby was looking for.

We also chose the Prawns and Fish Sizzler with oyster sauce ($23.99) and was surprised when it arrived with delicious sautéed shrimp and a huge piece of white fish smothered in the velvety sauce on top of the same medley of vegetables and mashed potatoes.  The portion sizes were huge and we certainly could have shared one sizzler between us.   

And let’s not forget that delicious dessert mentioned above — a perfect way to end a good meal. Since several of the tables around us finished their mains at the same time and opted for the brownie, I can’t begin to describe the amazingly heady scent of chocolate in the air! 

Final Thoughts:

I liked the novelty of the sizzling plates and the excellent service we received.  We would definitely recommend Kobe Sizzlers to couples and families. It’s definitely a destination if you’re just in the mood to try something a little different and with a huge appetite.  We’ll definitely go back — especially if a chocolate craving hits!

The Details:

What was in the space before they took over? A south Indian vegetarian restaurant
Number of Seats: 68
Patio: No
Licensed: No 
Type of Restaurant: Full-service

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