27 Hacks to Make Your Life Easier in Mississauga

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Published February 16, 2016 at 2:32 pm


Life isn’t always easy in any big city, but there are ways to get around Mississauga with more ease an simpllcity than you ever thought possible.

Here are our tips:

  1. When visiting Square One, avoid all the construction by parking closer to where the movie theatre used to be. You’re a little further from the mall, but you’ll be at the new main entrance in two or three minutes, max. 
  2. With a Mississauga library card, you can rent a DVD just like you did when Blockbuster was around (so vintage!). They even have Lego!
  3. During rush hour in City Centre, take Confederation to go north/south and Central Parkway to go east/west
  4. The biggest washrooms at Square One are by the food court. You will never have to wait.
  5. If you want to avoid Toronto to bar hop, just go to Port Credit. You’ll find more than a dozen bars within walking distance from one another.
  6. When visiting Port Credit, park at the library. It’s totally free.
  7. On weekends, they don’t ticket cars parked in the Failte parking lot. But if your car is still there Monday, you will be paying a fee to get out if it’s before 4:30pm
  8. If you park in a Square One parking lot but head to a different building, you’ll get a ticket if security catches you. This tip is especially important for Sheridan students and visitors!
  9. Underground parking is free at City Hall, Livng Art Centre and the Central Library after 6 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.
  10. Malton is part of Mississauga, so try the food there. You won’t be disappointed.
  11. 5/10 has some of the best ethnic food in the GTA. Not just Mississauga, the entire Greater Toronto Area.
  12. Clarkson is stepping up their food game and has some great restaurants within walking distance from one another.
  13. Mississauga has an art gallery in City Hall and it not only boasts a fine permanent collection, it hosts stunning events and exhibits throughout the year.
  14. City Centre has one of the nicest parks in Ontario — Kariya Park. During the summer, it’s a cos-play haven!
  15. If the street parking is full in Streetsville, park in the sub-division just past the Credit River on Bristol. It’s a nice walk to Streetsville.
  16. One of the best views of Mississauga’s skyline can be taken in from the Etobicoke part of the westbound QEW, just before you hit Mississauga.
  17.  In the summer, one of the nicest places to hang out is just outside of Murphy’s in Streetsville.
  18. There is a Port Credit east village that is booming.
  19. Take a hike by the Credit River. It’s one of the most beautiful hikes you will take.
  20. At the Central Library, there are many hidden washrooms (so you don’t have to go that main one).
  21. When exiting by car at the Cooksville GO station during rush hour, exit at the west part of the parking lot.
  22. During major events at Celebration Square, avoid home-time gridlock by parking outside of the mall. You might have to walk a little further, but you’ll save time exiting the jam-packed area.
  23. Listen to Mississauga artists and support them, as we have some good ones. John River, PartyNextDoor and Billy Talent come to mind.
  24. McLaughlin Road (later Confederation Pkwy) is a great alternative to Mavis and the westbound 403 during rush hour.
  25. Have trouble working from home? We have a ton of cool coffee shops and restos that offer complimentary Wi-Fi. Some good places include The Cold Pressery, Whole Foods, Archtop Café, and Port 1 Gelateria.
  26. Hit up Streetsville for breakfast. It’s got iconic greasy spoons like Bobby’s Hideaway and Skyway Jacks and they’re sure to cure any hangover.
  27. Mississauga has a fantastic selection of grocers. Asides from the big brands, we boast a substantial ethnic scene (T&T, Oceans, Mr. India, Adonis), organic stores (Whole Foods, Goodness Me, Planet Organic) and family-owned joints (Cousins, The Apple Market). 
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