25 Reasons Why Mississauga Is The “Ish”!

Published February 21, 2012 at 4:37 am


1.    What other city hall actually has a skate board park in it?
2.    Our mayor was born in 1921 and is still going strong.
3.    We have The Mississauga (Pearson) International Airport which is the busiest airport in Canada      
       (33 million passengers a year).
4.    The city has been debt free since 1978, but I think we might be in for it next coming years.
5.    We have the third largest mall in Canada (Square One Shopping Centre).
6.    Access to an abundance of highways – 403, 401, 407, 410, and the QEW. We can get anywhere in
       the city fast!
7.    We have a City Hall we have to explain (what is that?).
8.    We probably have more movie theatres per capita than any other city in the world.
9.    We have a Wally’s Family Restaurant (but I have yet to see a family walk in).
10.  Our city is so great we have 4 downtown cores: Square One (main), Port credit (southside), HWY
       10/Dundas (central) and Streetsville (eastside).
11.  We are the 6th biggest city in Canada (729,000 population).
12.  We have more than 480 parks.
13.  Don Cherry lives here.
14.  Nobody from Mississauga has ever paid for parking and if you have you are not from 
       Mississauga and thank you for the donation.
15.  We have free shows, concerts, and festivals at the newly developed Celebration Square, Port Credit
       and Streetsville all summer long.
16.  We never have to worry about parking, our entire downtown core is a parking lot.
17.  We have a building with gargoyles on it that wasn’t built in the 1920’s (One Park Tower).
18.  We also have the tallest Marylyn Monroe structure in the world.
19.  We have one of the largest clusters of ethnic groups in Canada and we all get along.
20.  We have a Roundabout even though some of us don’t know how to use it.
21.  There are still tons of vacant land that has not been touched in the downtown core.
22.  If you ask anyone who doesn’t live in Mississauga to describe it, they will say “your city looks new” – 
       just don’t show them HWY 10 and Dundas.
23.  Mississauga is one of the safest cities in Canada.
24.  We have a college (Sheridan represent) and a university (big up UTM).
25.  We still have years and decades to grow, Mississauga hasn’t even started yet!

Let us know what else makes Mississauga the “ish”?

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