2022 Bucket List: Get the best selfies you’ve taken all year at the world’s biggest light, sound and multimedia show found in the GTA

Published December 29, 2022 at 1:09 pm

2022 Bucket List: Get the best selfies you’ve taken all year at the world’s biggest light, sound and multimedia show found in the GTA

The year is rapidly coming to a close, but there’s still one more spot to cross off your 2022 bucket list for those who want to snap some gorgeous pics to close the year out (or to celebrate the new year in style!).

illumi – A Dazzling World of Lights has been a selfie hotspot like no other at 7174 Derrycrest Dr in Mississauga’s north end, and it’ll be sticking around until January 29, so there’s still time to catch the festival before it’s gone for the season.

illumi is the biggest light, sound and multimedia show in the world – it’s comprised of 20 million dazzling lights on over 20,000 light structures in a massive 600,000 sq. ft space.

The festival is made up of 14 magical universes that each have their own theme, music, fun attractions, and tons of cute spots to take brilliant selfies all night long.

There’s no shortage of amazing photo and video opportunities at illumi, but we’ve rounded up some of the best places to take the most Insta-worthy selfies:

Underneath the Tree of Lights.

Those who have been anywhere near the festival have no doubt seen the massive Tree of Lights. At an impressive height of 47 metres (154 feet), the Tree is taller than the Statue of Liberty and lights up the area for kilometres around. What you may not know is that the interior of the tree is fully accessible! Looking up at the tree lined with 176,000 LEDs is a mesmerizing experience that’ll be impossible to resist snapping photos and taking videos of.

Inside the Tunnel of Love.

If you and your special someone are looking to take the ultimate romantic selfie, the Tunnel of Love is the perfect spot. Located close to the entrance, the tunnel is a 100-foot long corridor (the same length as a Boeing 737), that’s comprised entirely of dazzling lights and delicate florals. The tunnel has a kaleidoscopic effect, making you feel like you’ve been whisked away to a colourful new reality. Not only is it a romantic and intimate experience, it’s a beautiful spot to take some pics of you and your partner enjoying the lights.

While taking a magical carousel ride.

iIllumi’s Europea Place is a symphony of colours where visitors can bask in the glow of blazing streetlamps in an electrifying, European-inspired universe. If that didn’t already sound like a great spot for some selfies, then hop on one of the magical carousel horses and enjoy the enchanting music. You’ll feel like you’re galloping gently in the moonlight – who wouldn’t want a photo to commemorate such a beautiful moment?

In the winter wonderlands of The Infinite Poles and the Land of Frost.

We’re in the middle of winter and the snow is coming down, so what better time to get a photo in illumi’s beautiful, winter-inspired universes? Check out The Land of Frost, decorated with glowing snowflakes and shining stars, as well as a magnificent sparkling ice castle that takes you back to your childhood. In The Infinite Poles, borders blur together into an icy world where penguins, whales and igloos coexist in an endless forest of stalagmites.

On a safari with majestic, wild animals.

illumi’s Colourful Animal Kingdom is the only place in the world where you can do a walking safari in the snowy winter and take some pics with the majestic wild animals. Stretch your neck to admire the giraffes in all their splendour as they’re closely eyed by herds of elephants and zebras. Enjoy flamboyant flamingos in the multi-coloured trees and be dazzled by the majestic swans.

And be sure to check out all of illumi’s other universes as well! Along the way, visitors can grab food and drinks at a number of food trucks and illumi snack counters.

Originally planning to wrap up in early January, the festival will stay in Mississauga until January 29th, so now’s the time to book your visit before it’s gone! To secure a spot at illumi for your desired date and time, be sure to grab your tickets soon and ring in a bright new year!

Visitors can enjoy free parking on site.

For more information and latest updates on the festival, visit illumi’s websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter and Tiktok.

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