2015 Ford Fusion to the Edge Walk

Published November 8, 2015 at 4:33 pm


Ford Canada recently had their “Ford Try More” campaign and part of the fun was doing the CN Tower EdgeWalk.
Khaled and I were invited to participate and we giddily said yes. Because what better way to see Mississauga than from 1,168 feet in the air, right? Right.

We showed up on a clear and sunny Sunday afternoon and got into our orange jumpsuits with plenty of checking, double checking and triple checking to make sure everything and that our gear was beyond secure. There was a lot of tugging and pulling but it’s all in the name of safety. I must say, their staff are very friendly, courteous and make that you’re safe and comfortable as you get ready for this wonderful experience.

Let’s stop there for a minute and talk about how Khaled and I got to and from the EdgeWalk.

We were given a Ford Fusion Energi for a few days which tied  in with the “Ford Try More” approach, And as I hadn’t driven the Fusion Energi before, it was a great connection. With regenerative braking, a high voltage electric motor and a conventional gasoline engine, my “Try More” challenge to myself was to see how far I could get without using an ounce of gasoline. Ford says 32 km is the range electrically and then will do a smooth change to the gasoline component. But thanks to the regenerative braking, I squeezed a few more km’s out of the battery. Also, you can hit up to 136 km/h in electric mode!

Ford is “trying more” and more to the world of plug in/hybrid automobiles and the Fusion Energi is a great example of that. And given the recent diesel situation, electric vehicles are looking more and more like a smart option.
The strong fit and finish is similar to other Fusion models and the main difference in the Energi is that trunk space is much smaller due to making space for the battery.  I’m more than fine sacrificing a bit of space if I can save cash at the gas station.

There are  skeptics that say that hybrids are just a fad and those who are worried about “range anxiety” with a hybrid or battery only vehicle. Ford’s challenge to them is to at least try the Fusion Energi and see what it’s like.

Overall, the Energi drove well and was very comfortable for the two of us. It didn’t feel big and bulky at all and there was strong responsiveness in both city and highway conditions.

Now, back to Khaled and I hanging out at the top of the CN Tower…

Once we reached the top, we were strapped in with ropes and the encouraging staff was very patient with all of us as there were some who were a bit timid (understandably so).

The guides started by having us hang our toes over the edge, which they called “Toes over Toronto”. The scary part is inching up to the edge. Some had the tips of their toes hang, others nearly had their whole feet. It’s a smart way to break the ice…good ol’ baby steps!

After that, we leaned backward (the most popular post) with our back to the city. It’s easier to look at concrete that’s a few feet in front of you opposed to an entire city 356 meters below. That was our favorite as it gave us a view we had never experienced before.

The last pose was the  flying superman pose where we  “Toes over Toronto” was combined with leaning forward and your arm pointing outwards. That gave us the most astounding view of the city. Definitely postcard worthy!

There were various pictures  taken and the whole experience was memorable.
You can put this on your to-do list,  and even get married on the EdgeWalk if that’s what you’re into!

Ford challenged Khaled and I to try more. And we did both on the ground in a beautiful Ford Fusion Energi and way up high at the top of the CN Tower.

While it’s not for everyone, you should at least challenge yourself to try more.
You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of.

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