$200,000 in cash seized by cops from underneath Mississauga man’s bed

Published May 26, 2023 at 5:07 pm

A Mississauga man will no longer have $200,000 in cash to sleep on after authorities seized the money from underneath his bed, claiming the stash came from an illegal gambling den.

An Ontario Superior Court judge has reportedly agreed with that assessment in this week allowing the earlier multi-jurisdictional police seizure to stand.

According to the court, however, the man’s 92-year-old mother was allowed to keep an additional $75,000 in cash found in the home after it was deemed she had no ties to any illegal activity.

That cash could also reportedly be traced to the woman’s savings and that of another family member.

The Mississauga man was among several dozen people charged in Project Hobart, a major investigation that ripped apart what police said at the time was a huge underground gambling ring.

The ring was said by authorities to have supplied $160 million to the Hells Angels biker gang under the guise of a Mississauga storefront.

However, due to delays over time, the criminal case was tossed out of court.

Under Ontario civil forfeiture laws, though, the Province’s attorney general applied to seize the cash discovered during the investigation and was successful in its attempt.

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