20 longest flights in the world include one from Pearson Airport in Mississauga, Ontario


Published March 1, 2024 at 2:34 pm

One of 20 longest flights in world is out of Pearson Airport in Mississauga.

A nonstop flight between Pearson Airport in Mississauga and the Philippines takes about 17 hours, give or take, depending on the winds.

That flight route to and from Manila, which covers some 13,230 kilometres (8,221 miles), is the longest you’ll find out of Canada’s biggest and busiest airport. The second-longest route offered at Pearson is the one that takes travellers to Taipei, Taiwan and back (just under 16 hours, covering 12,076 kilometres).

But when talking about the longest nonstop flights in the world, that Pearson-to-Manila journey barely cracks the top 20 — checking in right at No. 20.

According to U.S.-based travel news site One Mile at a Time, the longest nonstop flight in the world, as of March 2024, is the route linking New York City (JFK International Airport) with Singapore, covering 15,348 kilometres (9,537 miles).

The difference in distance between that route and the Pearson-to-Manila trip, about 2,100 kilometres, is roughly the flight distance between Pearson and Dallas, Texas.

The second-longest flight in the world, according to OMAAT’s top 20 list, is one that takes passengers between Newark, New Jersey and Singapore (15,325 kilometres).

According to OMAAT, the past decade or so has seen a dramatic increase in the number of longer-distance passenger flights, primarily due to evolving aircraft technology.

Following is a list of the remaining 18 flight routes that take travellers the greatest distances:

  • Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand 14,535 km
  • Perth, Australia to London 14,500 km
  • Melbourne to Dallas 14,471 km
  • Auckland to New York 14,207 km
  • Dubai to Auckland 14,200 km
  • Singapore to Los Angeles 14,113 km
  • Bangalore, India to San Francisco 14,002 km
  • Houston to Sydney 13,833 km
  • Sydney to Dallas 13,804 km
  • Manila to New York 13,711 km
  • Singapore to San Francisco 13,592 km
  • Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa 13,581 km
  • Mumbai, India to San Francisco 13,528 km
  • Dubai to Los Angeles 13,420 km
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles 13,409 km
  • Doha to Los Angeles 13,367 km
  • Perth to Rome 13,354 km
  • Manila to Toronto 13,230 km

The list referenced distances only and not time spent on the flight as flight times fluctuate due to winds and other factors, OMAAT said.

The creator of the list added, however, that all 20 flights take anywhere from just over 15 hours to nearly 19 hours.

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