2 children abandoned on a street corner in Mexico as Canadian woman arrested


Published July 5, 2024 at 2:47 pm

2 children abandoned on a street corner in Cancun, Mexico as Canadian woman arrested

A Canadian woman is reported to be under investigation after abandoning her two children in Cancun last week. 

According to the Riveria Maya News — a Cancun-based publication — two girls, both under the age of three, were seen being abandoned on a street corner last Wednesday in Cancun. Witnesses claim that they saw what was presumed to be the mother of the two children fleeing the scene immediately after leaving them behind. 

Local authorities were immediately contacted and members of the regional Group for Attention to Domestic and Gender Violence were dispatched to the scene. According to Riveria Maya News, authorities found and arrested the Canadian mother a few blocks away from the initial scene.

The woman and her children, who have yet to be publicly identified, were confirmed to be Canadian citizens when they were taken into custody. 

According to information provided by the Riveria Maya News, the mother stated she abandoned her children due to the fact that she could no longer afford to look after them. 

Regional news outlets report that it is not known if the Canadian woman and her two children were visiting the area or if they are active residents of Cancun. Local authorities have also indicated that they are looking for any extended family members to come forward and look after the two children.

At the time of publication, the Sistema Para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (National System for Integral Family Development) has launched a full investigation and is looking after the two girls until any extended family comes forward and passes the required background checks. 

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